Where did the power go?

Discussion in '2001 HSV Grange' started by droptheHAMMER, Oct 21, 2002.

  1. The LS1 must have dropped some ponies going over seas!
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    this isn't there most powerful version with that engine...... i think it gained soem hp actually
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    I think he was referring to the "255hp" which is a mistake, its supposed to be 255kw.
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    yep, its meant to be 255 kw
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    Just wrong specs.
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    well at least this car doesnt crash like a can when it crashes because it is crappy so i would think that this car is better then the supera because it it still on the market and it will be for a few more years to come but it is prob a eurpoe car not comming to america.
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    Better than a supra (ehh supera) it dosent crash like a can.
    Firstly do you know why they make new sports cars easier to damage, to save the passangers inside from any impact during an accident. Of course any Holdens dont need protective features as such, as a devestating accident is unlikely in a car that drives faster in Neutral. Secondly how can you compare this car to a Supra? its completely out of its league. Supra is on par with a R34GTR, you really think a HSV can keep up... no, hell no. Keep dreamin kid.
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    in many ways this car is better than a supra. its not in the way i assume your talking though (straight line speed) but for a car as large as an s class merc it wasnt designed to be. its more a luxury cruiser than a drag racer
    and these are some of the safest cars on the road, not to mention the type of people driving an $80,000 limmo compared to a supra

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