Where did we go wrong?

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  1. I remember the days when you could hardly press refresh in time to see the new posts come through. Especially in the General Chat section here.

    I scroll through the first page now, and the 3rd or 4th thread down had its last post days ago. The thread at the bottom of the first page, like 5 months ago.

    Who has links to old threads?
    I want; Clear Slider, the time Burner called the picture of a gearbox an engine, night of ahaHAHa, the 90s dance music thread, and others
  2. Lots of active members left for some reason
  3. A lot of old threads and pics are gone, we're not going back to those times anyway, social media made certain of that. I like coming back once in a while. It feels like home.

    Unrelated but I thought of you yesterday when Mr. Vain started playing on my computer. I went on to play "pump up the jam" by tecehnotronic, rhythm is a dancer and other 90s stuff
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  4. someone hacked it and it was down for a couple of weeks, never really recovered from that.

    bit sad really, we were pretty big at one point and could probably be considered an early internet forum, wouldnt there be some members bordering on 20 years here? I remember people from other forums wouldnt believe people could possibly have 20.000 posts on an internet forum.
  5. Definitely some going on 20 years. I started in 2001. And the forum already had a ton of members
  6. Social media has replaced forums
  7. I do the instagrammy thing. But that's it. No Facebook and such. So I still come here for my social updates
  8. nah the bike and boxing and audio forums i go to are still busy, even in their misc.
  9. Where did we go wrong?

    Nowhere, really. Sc.net has been rather exceptionally long-lived as far as websites and forums go. This forum has been around roughly as long as Britney Spears, the EVO Magazine or Google search.

    But Tempus does fugit. Part of the ever-so-prolonged death of this site is due to social media like CB said. People prefer to tworgle their tweets and communicate through rudimentary yellow cartoon faces and photographs of their genitalia instead of using words. The internet forum is a poorly suited medium for this (although now I'm being a hypocrite because I have seen photos of several members' junk...why?).

    Some of us grew up, too. Teenagers and young adults tend to have more time and will to rant about whatever they find meaningful on the internet. Adults with careers, children and and such encumbrances seldom find the time to draft bespoke memes and create funny second accounts just for shits and giggles. There's always attrition on a forum for several reasons, and after a platform like this has peaked, younger generations find the time spent here less and less valuable. That's one of the reasons we aren't fiddling around with crystal radios (or worse) anymore.

    You can't stay on your mother's teat forever, or always have the same group of friends and the same interests. It's quite likely that you aren't interested in many of the activities you liked when you were 10 or 20 years old. I know I'm not. Sometimes just having a sweet memory is more valuable than becoming overly sentimental about things of the past, or try to relive them. The human brain does really add a sugar coating to moments once lived, and it's a bit of a collective thing in most cultures that we tend to glorify the old.

    I remember one weekend when I was 16, I got high with my buddy and we binge-watched a ton of Futurama episodes. I had the time of my life. Now, if I were to repeat that 15 years later, it would seem like a pointless waste of time. But I do appreciate the fact that I did it, and that I remember it. The same really applies to most discussions on these forums when there still was traffic. But perhaps being too reminiscent about how it once was is neither good for the site or yourself. This is what we have now, and it’s admittedly as lively as an abandoned hospital but at least it’s still there. And that’s quite something!
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  10. ya im definitely not reading a bunch of car stats and looking at pictures like I used to. I barely care about cars. I only really look at cars when Im on the road

    Social media almost gets the job done, I follow a bunch of you on instagram
  11. Everything everybody said is probably true. Additionally, there was zero interest in bringing new crowds/members over the years, the site's maintenance was on the non-existent side and we were technologically surpassed since V2's day one basically.
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    I changed my mind.
    I think hippo and CB are wrong. This place has given us all Stockholm syndrome.

    I too felt forums were dead but that is not really the case. There are plenty of forums with plenty of very active members. I think the biggest issue this place has faced is that the admin probably did not really know the feel of sc.net or how to add features to foster the community, although him trying harder (for a while) than our last admin has been appreciated. A forum is only as good as its community and communities can be sustained only if there is progression like new features relevant to its interests.
    Our old admin abandoned us and new admin has us in limbo.

    Here is my opinion/solution out of this.

    resetera.com is a breakaway forum of neogaf.com made by neogaf's old moderation staff; both are video game focused forums. When neogaf.com stopped serving the interests of its community, many people left neogaf for resetera, sort of like the superbars.net saga. However both forums maintained popularity and even advertising. resetera.com and neogaf.com are very similar to sc.net in that its community follows the same forum model: a forum designed around a general interest then (in our case cars) followed by an active miscellaneous section with moderating that supports its members. Of interest: some people on those forums do not even venture out of the off-topic section into the video game section of those forums, much like many of us don't check out the car forums. Only a passing interest in the general interest theme of the forum is necessary.

    My solution is to follow their model: simplify the forums and collapse all the car sections into one forum just like their video game section (browse their forum you'll know what I mean) and keep our misc section as its just like their off topic forum with our own style of modding. The answer to getting more members and cultivating a community may be not advertising to people or attempting to keep new members but to close the forum even more, that way we only get people that want to stay and want to contribute to the community much like neogaf.com/resetera.com. This would require a rebranding that I am sure is not in current admin's interests, but I think it should be done. Below is a quick one based on the two sites I mentioned, ignore the plain text logo we would have an updated version of the old one. Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 9.41.48 AM.png

    I think a big change like this has to be done eventually. If not what will happen to us? Think of Veyronman's tattoo!
  13. I'm a sad panda
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  14. Basically we've been replaced by car meme pages on FB.
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  15. remember superbars, i never really went there but perhaps we all should have
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  16. Superbars was ruined by Extrasuprpower. What an absolute ass.
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  17. What did he do?
  18. He started posting
  19. He was a mod there. Everytime someone posted a swearword or post something slightly offensive, he would just delete the post and/or ban the person.
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  20. He was an SJW before that term even existed
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  21. I don't think there's much to bring new people in. So old people leave, and don't get replaced with anyone.

    I also remember people being very hard on new members, which didn't help retention of new people.
  22. This. Younger people seem to not really care about cars. It's all about what stupid trend's dick social media tells them to suck. I've noticed it's a lot harder to find how-to videos and write ups on car repairs too.
  23. Yeah, it's the same with horse grooming, typewriter repair and telegraph operator's manuals.
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  24. There are probably more horse grooming videos than videos on how to replace my hydrolic front engine mount.
  25. ugh how can so little power go to a persons head

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