Where did we go wrong?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Aych Es Vee, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. I would assume cats have more of a 'f**k you c**t!' look
  2. I'd like to ask you to remember the sorts of things you'd like to post in those days.

    The days of the gaping, creampie vagina avatars...
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  3. I liked his avatars. His current one is terrific, too.
  4. Speaking as one of the few members on this site who could compete with w00t's ban record, I readily admit that my standards are probably a bit lax (creampie anything goes, really).

    Several of our bans on both sc and sb.net were completely justified. I recall being a total c*nt and deliberately annoying in multiple ways. However, there was a point where ESP started banning members seemingly because of differences of opinion. That really sucked because he seemed like a laid-back person overall.

    I've successfully used a cartoon hippo with a swastika-shaped anus as an avatar on this site for a year or more... on sb.net that would have gotten me banned by ESP in a fraction of a second.
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  5. makes sense since all you watch is hijab porn
  6. Wow this sub has always been on the forefront of the free speech debate
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  7. Doesn't explain the advertising of volatile organic compounds. Totally not related to fart porn.
  8. Social Media
    The forum update/change
    All of the above

    I dunno, I kinda stopped posting because I don't really talk about cars anymore.

    Plus a lot of the people on scnet I have as friends on facebook, sooo.

    I dunno. What do i know
  9. Facebook is in its red giant stage.
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  10. *supraman being a lazy **** and only posting once every two years
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  11. Also cU nt is apparently still censored. That's probably ther main reason why site traffic hasn't been good.
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  12. fb sucks
    i hope i have all you guys on instagram

    i talk to paul on there and like some of your guys' pix
  13. That was not me. That was my brother.
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  14. I only use my instagram account to follow bitches with big tiddies and big asses.
  15. Censoring the word **** is offensive to my heritage!
  16. @pumaswede

    hemi recommended this account to me
  17. Ehh straight up pron stars don't interest me on IG. Too easy to just click a few buttons on google and then boom, hardcore anal penetration.
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  18. They probably think you want to Allah snackbar some local market.

    Yeah, "brother".
  19. where
    can you give me your milfhunter password
  20. i think the constant technical problems killed the site. endless crashes have a way of hurting user retention

    i miss the days when you could google this site and after the first couple hits being the site the rest were other forums talking about how we were a bunch of weirdos and salty jerks

    i'll never like k'seggs thanks to this site
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  21. lol me either
    3rd rate hack kitcar
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  22. I had a set of testicles with a smiley face on it as my avatar for about 65 seconds and christofurr banned me. At this time there were members posting pics of themselves in front of a mirror naked. One of a particular member with the "flexing with a boner pose" etc. My ban didnt last long but he could definitely ban with the best of them.
    Stangman also had the "banhammer" for a reason
  23. This site is so gay
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  24. I really miss those nights of constant refreshing the Misc forum for updates. It was almost like a weird chat room in which you have to stay super focused to keep up. There was a certain rush to it.
  25. this is why creampievagina.jpg avatar was so repulsive to the members of this site
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