where is the stealth?

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  1. i love the dodge stealth its awsome why isn't it on this site<!-- Signature -->
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    Bleh, the Dodge Stealth was just a Mitsubishi 3000GT with an uglier exterior. There is no reason why that car should have existed, the 3000GT alone struggled with sales.
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    I actually have a 1992 Dodge Stealth TR and it kicks serious ass. 222 HP on tap and it has the potential to be seriously modified. Compliments stick like hot sweaty balls to my legs to this awsome machine. My Stealth is red with a black interior and its got only 50000 kilometers. No problems and pure fun.. ps im Canadian too..
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    i meant RT above .. oops!
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    I got nothing against the stealth, its a nice performer like its 3000GT counterpart. I'm just not a big fan of the exterior. Looks too chunky IMO.
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    I'm pretty sure the RT has a twin turbo 3 litre with 320 HP, just like the 3000GT vr-4. Made by the same joint venture incidentaly.<!-- Signature -->
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    I am new here and wanted to check out some things on my car. I came across this and here is what I posted...


    You guys are ridiculous. I own a '92 Stealth RT/TT. The car handles like a dream. AWD, four wheel stearing, 300HP from the factory, adjustable suspension damping,not to mention a timeless body style. With a price of around 30k new back in the day how could you go wrong?

    Now with a few extra dollars in aftermarket parts these cars are beasts! Mine produces over 500HP and will run the 1/4 mile in the 11sec range with a top speed of over 180 MPH. I have been at 178 in fourth gear and let off...

    They are heavy, but they are also consider a Grand Touring car so it is not fair to place them with a RX7. Much more comfort than the other cars listed before. As far as DSM goes generally Eclipses Talons and the old Lasers fall into that category.

    You guys need to check your information before saying the cars are junk. Most reviews and people who have owned these cars will tell you that your stuck on stupid...

    PS I will say that I have not been a fan of the 3000GT body style, but have loved the Stealth from the moment it came out.

    So all you folks who think the stealth bites come on down and get owned! I've got around 25k total in my car, and am just putting the finishing touches on it with the body work. 25k total into my car that is including what I paid for it 4 years ago.

    The numbers are there with the performance. So the body styling is nothing more than a matter of taste and hey some folks just do not have any ;-)And I can think of many many supercars that go for more than 80K that look like....

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