Where is the turbo model ???

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  1. It's really nice that Mazda is going to release the RX-8. With an all new RENESIS Rotary Engine, packed with 250hp (NA) and a 9,000rpm redline, it's sure to be a hit. I mean, sure it's got it's ups and downs (Saturn third door), how lame! And it looks less agressive, but that doesn't mean that someone like SP Engineering or Veilside won't be able to come up with some awesome front fascia. Give credit where it's due, right? What would be shameful is Mazda does not release a twin turbo version of the RX-8, especially considering a reliable turbo conversion costs somewhere in the 10,000$ range.
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    Well the thing is it's not reasonable to make a turbo version. Mazda is already 30hp from breaking the 280hp limit!! Stick in a small 14psi turbo and you'll be packing around 320+ hp!!
    I dun think Mazda is in the financial status to break some limits =P
    But would be nice to see a turbo version.
    I'd honestly just buy the normal aspirated on my own...bring it home and stick in a nice 74pis turbo =P
    600hp right there =P

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    if you want a turbo version, wait until 2003 or 2004 when mazda is considering re-releasing the rx-7 to the U.S. depending on the sales for the rx-8. granted the rx-8 isnt as aggressive as the rx-7 but thats why it isnt an rx-7. i happen to like the suicide doors idea. its about time a family could get a four door sports car like this; who wouldnt want or at least take one?
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    im not sure if you'll be able to turbocharge the RENESIS being that the intake port is built into the engine block

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