Where's the engine?

Discussion in '2001 Cunningham C7 Concept' started by bs4life, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Where is a V12 going to sit? Look at the front end - it is plenty long for a V12. I don't get it.
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    Im sure its going to be in the front, but probably more in the cab then looks like. The car isn't as small as it looks right here in the pics. The car is 6.5 feet wide, and lil more than 4ft tall, so the front cap is 6.5 feet wide, and probably about 2.75 ft tall, so that should be room for a v12. Only guessing, till we see some stats wew dont know for sure.<!-- Signature -->
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    most probably the front<!-- Signature -->
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    Up front. I hear it may use the northstar v-12, which is a pretty small engine package.
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    Actually it is in the back.

    i.e. mid engined
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    Disregard that last comment.

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    Hey its got to be in the front or else cunningham made one small ass v12.

    ohh yeah this might be stupid but how do you get it so that underneath your reply it will say some thin but it has a line over it and how do you have images under your name?
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    i hope you dont think the back...

    probably the rear of the engine bay... for weight balance
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    It's not going to sit anywhere. Since it's not being built.
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    hes rite
    its not going into production...but if it were it would have to be in the front
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    How could you really ask that question man? did you not look at the pic? the cab is pushed so far back that if the engine was back there. the only place to sit would be in-between the cylinder banks.

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