Wheres the Spoon Sports S2000?

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    no no no, poor comparison

    power and displacement are NOT related by calculation
    power and rpm ARE related by calculation

    increasing displacement increases TORQUE

    i am correct when i say 14000rpm = 340hp

    ive been to spoons own site and the info on the civic/s2000 says 'coming soon'

    IF the official site says [email protected], i will still argue because the site must be wrong. Physics always wins arguments, trust me
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    Like u've said, more displacement means more torque, but the Civic only has 2.0L, and u won't expect a lot of torque from it. The normal B18C has 130lb/ft od torque, i'm not sure about the Spoon's one though, but let say it has 140. And the redline is 14000rpm, taht doesn't mean the peak power is at 14000rpm, may be somewhere around 12000 - 14000rpm. Let me ask my friend for the magazine about teh car, and i'll post the info up later.
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    What he's saying, Rulez, is that if you do the calculation, even at 150 ft/lbs, peak horsepower will be no where NEAR 14,000 - closer to 6,800, I think, too lazy to do the math. Torque and horsepower (and peak RPM) are all mathmatically related, you see - horsepower and torque are the same at 5,252 RPM, that's how you do the calculation.

    And what I'M saying is that with a gain of only 10 ft/lbs, there's no way the Spoon engine has more than 10.1/1 compression - and if a 600cc 12.8/1 Suzuki racing engine can barely pull 16,000 RPM, there's no way in hell a 2.0L Honda motor with barely 10/1 can push that high, that's all.
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    That means the calculation is wrong?
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    That means his Spoon Sports S2000 doesn't have 240 horses and a redline of 14,000 RPM.
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    The automobile world is full of miracles. I found that the torque and hp calculation doesn't always work, just try it on a Nissan Pathfinder, and u'll see wut I mean. But this formula does work for the S2000.
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    That calculation works, it's the same calculation a dynometer uses to calculate your engine's horsepower from torque. Believe me - there's no miracle involved. It works.
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    Honda Rulez, did u know that the DEFINITION of horsepower comes from that calculation?....horsepower is nothing, it isnt a physical quantity that u can measure, it can only be worked out using dull formulas, and if u didnt know - dynometers measure torque, then convert

    if the formula is wrong then horsepower doesnt exist, basically
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    May be i did something wrong during teh calculation, try it on Holden Commodore and Nissan Pathfinder, my friend and I have tried many times, but didn't work.
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    what u r probably doing wrong is pretending that power and torque r constant - they r not

    200lbft @ 5252rpm = 200hp, yet the car may have 250hp @ 6500rpm. That doesnt mean the calculation is wrong, it is only correct for the rpm that u input, 5252

    it gives u the power or the torque at a specific engine speed - this answer may not be the peak
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    O, now ic, But are u suppose to know how much hp at different rpm?
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    car manufacturers only quote the peak, which is actually irrelevant. An impressive engine is one whose torque remains roughly constant - this means the power curve is almost a straight climbing line, so u get half the power at 3000 that u do at 6000 and so on

    some cars, like highly turboed imports, have torque curves that are mountain shaped, rather than flat...this leads to odd-shaped power curves that start off rubbish (no power at 3000rpm - lag) then shoot up at 6000rpm then drastically tail off at 9000+rpm

    200hp @ 3000rpm is better than 220hp @ 6000rpm, as strange as that may seem
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    Actually Honda's engines have nice flat torque curves, just check them out. Usually, the torque curve foes down after the peak torque, so u want 200lb/ft of torque from 2000rpm all the way to 6000rpm and a max hp at 6000rpm.
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    VTEC engines cant have nice flat torque curves - they have poor torque up to about 4000rpm, when the cam-timing kicks in, then the torque goes up. Thats why S2000 drivers will get nothing when they put their foot down at 3000 but they shoot off down the road when they floor it at 6000rpm.

    infinitely variable valve timing would lead to flat torque curves - does anybody use it?
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    how did this forum get into yet another civic forum? I HATE civics they are good for shit. basic transportation but no way in hell they are racing cars.
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    u hate civics?...dont we all?
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    spoon actually has some very interesting and unique chassis peices available as i am sure u will c, i never read on past the first page, so if any1 has even posted spoons home opage u will see them there.
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    But they have nice torque curves, not exactly flat, but pretty stable. The lines aren't going up and down that much. At least better than a Viper's curve, sure it has enormous torque at any rpm, but the curve is like a mountain road in Japan.
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    Honda rulez, 100% totally wrong, the Honda has little torque anywhere, and not very flat, the Viper has a MUCH flatter torque curve than ANY honda. Vipers do not have a point at which power appears, S2000s do, hence not a flat torque curve
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    ur a #%$got dude, any person who posts his school picture on here is gay. oh yeah whats with that haircut? you trying to be the fonz or something?

    anyway ass face. the S2000 is a 2.0 litre 4cyl that pumps 240hp. the 2004 is enlarged to 2.2 litres and still makes the same hp but has a lower redline and a little less torque. I suggest you learn a thing or 2 about this car before you post something.
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    I think he was attempting to make fun of those who like it.

    That said, he's also a moaning, gay little poseur fairy who squeals like a pig whenever his father sticks him. lol, I could be wrong, I'm just basing that on what he looks like in his school photo op.
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    i wouldnt doubt it
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    The new 2.2 litre engine actually has more torque than the old K20A, that's why they increased the displacement.

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