where's the viper fans now?

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  1. whats the matter? anybody gonna bring out the 800TT (uuuhh) or any other pieces of shit like that?
    Thats what I thought. I guess that there's no question that when a ferrari (which was better than an 800TT even when stock) undergoes a serious tuning program, there's just nothing that stands in its way. oh well...
  2. all i can say is 1000TT.
  3. Ferrari F2004 would crush your 1000TT.
  4. i certainly hope so considering its a formula one car.
  5. the viper fans are still here, whether your ego is or not
  6. We're busy having some sort of class and not trying to stir up trouble. But, since you asked for it, SVSi makes a Viper that would blow the doors off of a F50 GT. Sure, the F50 GT probably handles a little better, and it's cabin probably doesn't get to like 80 degrees even with the AC on. But who cares. Unless the course is one huge turn, 750bhp or so @ 10500RPM won't be able to keep up with 1200bhp at like 7250RPM on any straightaway. And don't kid yourself, even with 1200lbs advantage, the F50 GT won't be able to keep up. I believe SVSi makes an even more powerful Viper using the new block, but I'm not sure. I do know, however, that GIWASA makes a 1600bhp Viper.
  7. im right here
  8. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH i can't believe .. there's peolple who is comparing a F50 gt with a #$%#ing car!! vipers need the double size engine for the same power they have no handling not just a little less than Ferrari, viper is one of the worst supercars evermade
  9. lol.....2 valves per cylinder vs. 5 valves per cylinder........
  10. the viper can't handle for shit? are you kidding me? you've been hanging from the prancing horse's nuts for way too long. now i'll admit, the viper may not have the history or presige of the ferrari, but it'll give the ferrari a good run for it's money, if not beat it. take a look at some of the viper's numbers. it seems Dodges are faster than you think....

    and viper's aren't meant to have 800 hp out of an 8 liter v10. hp/liter means nothing. torque is what matters.
  11. I just registered an account for the sole purpose of telling how stupid your argument is.

    Either way my IROC would crush both the viper and the ferrari anyday.
  12. i see people bring up 1000tt, wait until enzo gt comes out!
    still f50 gt can only lose to viper 1000tt in a dragstrip.
  13. you are talking tuned cars not stock
  14. but no one remembers another time that Viper must have 8000cc and more with two turbos t4 and more serious mods to take a 4700 by Ferrari...Does anyone look at grip of a viper?
    I saw a video with a 355 (3550 cc 380hp) vs a Viper (8000cc 380hp!) on a city road...First a turn at about 120kph Viper must break....It losed grip (at 120kph!!!At this speed Ford Escort sw doesn't lose, and i have it) and fall down in a scarp!
    Download the video plz, and tell me another time that Viper is a good car....ahahahahahahahah!
  15. a sane person! Thank you so much!!!!!!
  16. HAHAHAHA There is only one thing that I like more than the Japanese cars and this is FERRARI. Even if there was a 2000hp Viper the FERRARI would still kick his ass. This is FERRARI not some american junk.
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    V10R - VENOM 800R - 577 CID Stroker Motor Upgrade
    577 CID (9.5 Litres). 800 HP. Naturally aspirated.

    Power Output:
    800 HP @ 5,500 rpm
    810 Lb-Ft Torque @ 4,200 rpm

    0 - 60 mph: 2.9 sec.
    1/4 Mile: 10.88 @ 136 mph (tested on Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires)
    Top Speed: 230 mph

    And thats only natural aspired. the official website to get more info is http://www.hennesseyperformance.com/hennesseyperformance/ItemDetail.php?Item_ID=255&cart=FvrqeXlN&DoThis=Dodge+Viper+SRT10&ActionReq=Where
    9.5 Liters . whooooooo
  18. the vast majority of people in this thred are grade-A morons.

    this has nothing to do with what "side" you're on, either.
  19. lol... yes!
  20. Idiot.

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