Which Bond movie should I watch?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Archaeopteryx, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. I've watched quite a lot of them, I'll choose whichever one is first suggested (that I haven't seen before).
  2. or goldfinger or Thunderball.
  3. After seeing Casino Royale, I still think Goldeneye has a slight edge as the best Bond ever.
  4. GoldenEye or perhaps Goldfinger
  5. Seen all the ones already mentioned, except Casino Royale. Goldfinger is the best by far, but yes, Goldeneye is the best modern one (having not seen Casino Royale). Thunderball is great, I love the Disco Volante like crazy.
  6. I'm confident I've seen every single Bond movie and those are my 3 favourites.

    The only thing that slightly bugs me about GoldenEye is the terrible, terrible Z3.
  7. Well, yes.

    Also, Thunderball can safely claim the title of having the hottest Bond babe in it, Claudine Auger is SO HOT in that movie...
  8. yeah, also that submarine thing that looks like a manta ray is #$%#ing sweet.
  9. I decided to go with Goldfinger, even though I've seen it before... Hot babe + cool villain + cooler henchman + best car in any Bond movie? Can't argue with that!
  10. I don't "get" the camp Bond movies.
  11. Casino Royale. It really was spectacular. Bond is back in a big big way.
  12. Goldfinger is a goodie.
  13. Craig was outstandinf in Casino': the problem was the rest of the cast was mehhhhhhhh. Also the poker part never had a pay-off.

    The next one will be better if they start out with a blank slate w/ the plot.
  14. Spy Who Loved Me is still the best Bond + hottest Bond Babe.

    For Your Eyes Only is also superlative. As is Live and Let Die. In fact, all the Roger Moore films rock, with the possible exception of Moonraker (they were just trying too hard with the effects, like Die Another Day).
  15. I don't know..Casino Royale was an awesome movie but the bond'ish part of a bond movie isn't in it if you know what I mean. A blonde, way to muscled dude who gets in love..That was new to me
  16. You mean like, write it from scratch instead of base it on one of Fleming's novels? As in, every Bond movie between Goldeneye and Casino Royale? As in, all of the worst Bond movies ever made?
  17. Fleming's novels were pretty camp: the non-camp Bonds (Dalton, Craig, early Bronsan) deserve stories more suited to that sort of Bond.

    edit -- I'd add the best / most fitting scene from the new Bond was the chase in Madiscgar (sp), which is the most contemporary/grounded...
  18. From Russia with Love
  19. Sean Connery >>> Roger Moore.
  20. Casino Royale was very good. It took me like 10 seconds to be totally immersed in the movie. The parkour, the truly Bondish girls (classy, stunning, not cheap like Denise Richards or just Hollywoody like Halle Berry), the places (Venice, Lake Como, casinos...) and everything...

    I also liked Brosnan, but his Bond was too smooth. Too nice. Bond isn't a nice guy, he's just as smooth and nice as is necessary.

    What I still wanted: some reference to Q, a little bit less action and more "plot" content
  21. "I also liked Brosnan, but his Bond was too smooth. Too nice. Bond isn't a nice guy, he's just as smooth and nice as is necessary."

    Spot on. Brosnan came off as the nice-guy Bond. Craig seems approperately cold.
  22. any thing with my nigger sean connery
  23. Yeah I Know.


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