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  1. As some of you guys might know i'am still trying to sell my Super Seven. When it does sell i've decided to get a more modern and practical car. I am tired of i allways being a #%[email protected] to drive the super seven anywhere and that i have to pray for good weather every time i am finally home to drive it. I want a newer car (say 2000 and on) and would like something german (but not a BMW allthough i like them, they have a really bad image here). Ive also been looking at a Beetle 1.8T that is a bit cheaper than the rest and that could allow me to have some quircky old car like a MG midget or something in that bracket. Anyways the ones iam considering now are in the poll below, please keep in mind that cars are really expensive here in Denmark, my budget is around 60K$ and that will buy one of those above. So feel free to suggest others but keep in mind that they have to be similar to the others pricewise.
  2. Definately the Audi S3
  3. this or the TT.

    the TT is sexy and a roadster but its less practical. Depends what you're after.
  4. I am very tempted by the TT. I might end up getting one of them. Also got a mate who is selling a new 330 hp kit for it.
  5. R32. I want one soooo bad.
  6. Get a nice old car.
  7. you will be so disappointed by those cars..Get something old again.
  8. Something old school cool.
  9. the R32's are really nice. You can't get a ~2000 RS4 wagon for $60k?
  10. RS4's are insanely expensive here. Even a 2000 would be atleast 100K.
  11. Yeah i know i will. But iam fed up with driving my old beat up clio everyday, would be sweet to have a nice car that i could use the whole year.
  13. 147 Gta with Q2
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    The R32, the sound alone is a big reason to take it over the others.

  15. actually for the same price you can probably get 2001/2002 bmw 325Ci which look really nice, are 6 cylinder, and they are rear wheel drive.

    do that.
  16. If you have a beat up Clio, what's the issue with using the Caterham daily?
  17. Read his post.
  18. Snow in the winter and rain.
  19. Get a Williams Dalla
  20. Snow tires?
  21. Get an RS Megane R26.Personally though i'd fork out the cash for an ' 05 RS Trophy or if you want something a bit more insane get an Mach II Clio V6.....
  22. Ov, kom nu du ved godt at du skal ha den R32'ern <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  24. I'm sad to see you considering these compared to what you've had.

    But the R32 and Megane are on another level to the rest of these cars. Personally, I'd probably go for the Megane, though it'd have to be a Trophy or something like that.

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