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Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by dalla, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. What about a Fiat Panda 100HP? Cheap, huge fun, practical. You could probably get another car at the same time, like an old Fiat 850 Coupe or something similar.

    I kinda have a crush on Fiat right now, don't know if you can tell.
  2. Ok i prolly get shot for this, but if you can find a decent Integra type R? Rather practical, reliable, good performance but also already a bit older. Don't underestimate the appeal of a high revving engine.
  3. What about the TT? Nobody likes that? Right now iam a bit tempted by the Beetle as they are fairly cheap and i like the 1.8T engine. Getting one of those would allow me to get something pretty cool and old on the side.
  4. Why not buy a mk4 GTI or A3 1.8T then? Or get a Golf V5, awesome engine.
  5. I don't really like the standard mk4's and A3's, they look a bit boring IMO.
  6. Don't get the Beetle, it's just a personal preference, but I really don't like them. Have you considered the Panda 100HP?
  7. 100 HP is not enough. And allthough the Panda is supposed to be a good car, it doesn't really appeal to me.

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