Which Car Would You Buy?

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by thebarron1989, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Depends... If those were my only Choices it would be a pick between the 91 Diablo or the GTR (I dont like the GTR that much, but from that group of cars its the cheapest and probably the most practical car of the bunch).. But I like the 91 diablo the most..
  2. GT-R (freaking cheap)



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    you'll need it to repair the transmission

  4. voted diablo, but im not sure. probably too expensive to own/will kill you.
  5. it would depend, if i already own a nice everyday car it would be between lambo and ferrari, otherwise the gtr would be nice to own, the ferrari would be the choiche if i had the chance to go to the track otherwise diablo or gallardo to look like a cock during weekends
  6. turbo
  7. Wow, not much love for the Modena here, it's probably the most fun to drive of any of these.
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  9. it would be my second choice after the diablo
  10. all of those sounds #$%#ing expensive in the near future.

    911 Turbo or GT3 ideally. I don't think I'd buy an exotic that used. If I ever were, I'd try to buy a bit newer. Like, barely used. I don't want a 360 now that everyone has a 458, it's not special enough if it's not the CS. The top tier supercars like Diablos and Murcies will stay hot forever though.

    I would also take a 550 or AM Vantage or Countach over all the "impractical" choices though.
  11. Yeah I would easily take a 550 Maranello over any of these.
  12. The real option is the Diablo.
  13. Thank you WTF is up with all these people who said Modena as #1 and they listed Diablo as their last... #%$gots!!!
  14. having worked on both I'd much prefer the Modena to the Diablo. for 1 I wouldn't have to reset the door on the Modena after opening it 3 times.
  15. diablo for me, there my fav type of lambo and i just cant so no to them
  16. GTR, its a steal.
  18. shit for all those prices, id just get a new Z06
  19. The one that costs half as much as all the others.

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