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Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by 26y4u, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. im planning of buying one of these cars when im getting a bit older and a bit richer... im prepared to pay up the money that is needed... and the cars is in pretty much the same range when it comes to cost so, which one do you prefer?
  2. Lotec Serious
  3. Low Tech Serious
  4. sigh, is there any serious person in this site???
  5. Lotec Serious is Serious.
  6. hahahahahahahahaha

    anyway how old are you now?
  7. stop asking hypotetical questions, no one will take a poll like this one seriously
  8. NSX
  9. it would be good if you actually chose cars that existed

    e34 m3 btw, good car
  10. you can't even spell Mitsubishi, man man man ...
  11. EVO VII GSR.

    or the R33.
  12. Depends how old you are/how much money you got/what you need it for.
  13. I'm dead Sirius.
  14. loltec sirius for me on this one
  15. of those, the NSX
  16. OMG siriusly
  17. im 16, so it might take a while, but all of these cars will be cheaper when i get older, so... if the skyline would have been created with the steering on the left, i would buy that instantly...... but then i would wait until i can afford a R34 though.....
  18. sorry, i ment E46.... the E34 is a 5-series from the early nineties... my friend had one, blew up the engine...
  19. I voted RX7
    None of these cars really do much for me to be honest
  20. don't you like japanese cars??? but of course, the bmw is german... i like these cars, all have got 250hp or more, all have rwd or 4wd! two of them has 4WS!!! and there is a lot of tuning and styling to all of them!!!
  21. There are some Japanese cars I like, the EVO FX or QX or whatever series of lately, the EVO3, Celica, MR2 (all versions), Euro-Accord etc etc
  22. Sirius answer now.

    none of them.
  23. I want a VR-4 Spyder soooooooo bad.

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