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  1. ...would you fear most for your safety while visiting or if considering visiting?
  2. None of those.
  3. i dunno, detroit i guess?

    ive been to LA twice and came back ok so yeah
  4. baghdad
  5. No Yay Area no care.
  6. probably no decent size city in USA... At least in the CBDs.

    Out of those? I dont know. I dont know enough about them. Jacksonville sounds like turd though.
  7. New Orleans, with Detroit as a close second.

    Atlanta is scary as #$%# in some places, but I know what areas to avoid. I love my hometown.
  8. Philly. Where I will be moving in about 10 days haha.
  9. ATL is worse than NO and Detroit?
  12. Sorry, poll limited to 10 options
  13. out of those. St. Louis or Detroit
  14. The one with the highest crime rate, I guess.
  16. I expected Detroit to win this, and it is...

    It's funny, I just don't feel that unsafe when in Detroit. I feel far less safe in other places... I think the worst area that I ever found myself in was an Atlanta neighborhood. Looked like a total warzone.

    I dunno... there's crime and stuff in Detroit... but I really don't know if northern cities have anything on the southern ones. Southern ghettos always seem so much worse to me.
  17. Out of those, broken option number nine. Overall, probably Kandahar or something. There are a few other places I'd fear for my safety more, but of my own accord - climbing Mount Everest or something.
  18. New Orleans isnt that bad as long as you stay by the Quarter or lakeside. Anywhere else though and you'll probably get shot, and Im not kidding. But a girl recently got killed IN the French quarter and it happened to be the same day I was there with some friends, so that was a close call I guess. But I would have to say Detroit. Id be pretty wary of that place if I visited it. The worst areas are mostl ikely those two cities, mainly because the crime is widespread. there isnt really a safe zone, its pretty much a crapshoot.
  19. The Wire made Baltimore seem pretty #$%#ed up.
  20. Safety in a city is relative, with the difference between the good part and the bad part sometimes being separated by a couple blocks. I hear stories of people going to NOLA for mardi gras and wondering into the city, cops have to turn them around because they end up walking through extremely dangerous places.

    There is no part of houston I won't go to, a couple places are rough, but I grew up in a rough place and it wasn't that bad. I don't expect trouble when I go there but I understand that the potential for it is higher. And I feel that I'm prepared for whatever trouble may come along there, if the feeling I get is that I should have brought my assault rifle instead of a Sig, shit is too rough. I don't know of any place like that here, there are places like that in Atlanta, Detroit, Memphis, and New Orleans.
  21. flint, easy.
  22. im not scared of any place when im traveling with my friend
  23. 3 people were shot at the last Mardi gras a couple weeks ago in NO actually.

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