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  1. Maybe I am blind and missed it, but what class will it run? I would love to see this (or hell anything at this time) run against the Corvettes. As much as I love them, it's boring to watch them race against themselves. I already know who is going to win. Also, almost 500HP and lighter, I don't believe 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. Even geared for higher top end, it would be faster.
  2. yo you're right, they don't really say which class it'll be competing in, do they? since the old e46 m3 gtr raced in what was then the gt3 class, now gt2, i just assumed it would stay there.

    nonetheless, porsche can't say anything about not having the same engine as in the production car and bmw should comprehensively kick their asses like they did with the original gtr.
  3. This car will race in GT2.

    When the M3 GTR ran in 2001, it raced in the lower GT class, then known simply as "GT" ("GTS" was what the Corvettes & Vipers ran in).

    If BMW were to go to GT1, they'd need something closer to a supercar to do it.
  4. It will be GT2.

    But it's also very possible that in a few years their may be only one GT class with the cars being more GT2 like than GT1.
  5. Definately GT2, can't wait to see it whip the Ferrari's & Porsche's a$$es @ Sebring!

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