Which country has the best cuisine?

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Best cuisine?

  1. Italian

  2. French

  3. British

  4. Thai

  5. Indonesian

  6. Vietnamese

  7. Chinese

  8. Mexican

  9. Argentinian

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  10. Other

  1. For me it's either italian or indonesian
  2. I've only had "south american", not specifically argentinian, and I haven't had indonesian. Usual disclaimers to the authenticity of the mexican/chinese food I've had. That said, I'm taking my gang kiew wan and going to Thailand
  3. I'd say my two favourites are Mexican and Southern Style BBQ
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  4. Lol British as a choice

    I think any country's can be delicious; cuisine is a matter of fresh ingredients and flavor mapping.
  5. For breakfast it's dece
  6. And I dunno, I couldn't eat from one nation for a consecutive week anymore, I'm a little bit on the spoiled side I guess. Lately it's mostly Indonesian and Italian, but this week this Afghan restaurant opened one street away from me and I'm pretty curious about their menu. I can also have these Greek binges at times.
  7. Murican BBQ **** YEAH!
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  8. Italian; always good but not something I'd pay good money for.
    French; top for me
    British: lol srsly
    Thai/any Azn : lol @ MSG, just try without and you'll see
    Mexican : nope nope nope.
    American : theres no such thing like American cuisine
    Indian : can't have good meat so let's just throw 2 pound of spices

    Around here there is a trend that new restaurant try to reinvent the styles with shady and questionable mixes, and its very trendy and people like it. Foies gras used to be THE UTMOST best thing (even though its pretty boring), now its gone. It has been replaced by tartare and revisited fast food (charging you 40$ for a burger or fancy poutine). It'll go away soon.
  9. indian and mexican are usually my faves.
  10. Burgers and pizza are great methods of getting many things I like into my moth in a single bite
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  11. I think I like Quebec (impoverished North American) cuisine.
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  12. Also a big fan of Polish "cuisine".
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  13. I went to a Togolese restaurant last week and it was fucking amazing. They do peanut sauce better than anyone from Asia.

    Almost every country has amazing things to offer. I'm not sure I could even list a top 10.
  14. The world's most versatile cuisines are Chinese and, believe it or not, Peruvian.
    It's hard for me to pick a favorite, because I like a lot of cuisines (like Japanese, that's missing from the poll). I'm also a sucker for sleazy American food, but can only have so much of that until my body starts begging for vegetables.
  15. I've experienced larger variations in cuisine inside China than between different Yuropean countries. If it's GENERAL TSO'S CHICKEN and poorly made sushi you mean by "chinese food", plz don't put it on the list.

    Also [email protected] UK&Argentina instead of Japan/Greek/Lebanese/whatever muzzie food.

    At home I usually cook East Asian dishes, Italian and muzzie dishes. Sometimes Mexican if ingredients are available.
    During winter I cook a lot of Russian food and Eastern/Central Yuropean old school things.
  16. Th
    That's why i put other as an option, because i would forget some. But yeah Chinese has different regions so it's a broad option.
  17. This sounds intetesting. I love peanut sauce
  18. I don't get the hate with British cuisine btw. It's pretty good imo
  19. Indonesian food feels like a mix of Indian and Thai influences. That's not a bad thing, but I'm not one to judge, since I've only ever had it once in The Netherlands and it was probably some cheap crap.
  20. I think Vietnamese / Malaysian would have to be the Asian food I eat with the most frequency.
  21. Yes so good
  22. Indonesian food in the Netherlands usually isn't Indonesian food or a shitty version of it.
  23. I love vietnamese/malaysian food. Pho, bo kho and laksa. Yum
  24. Whereas Cantonese restaurants often serve Indo dishes here haha

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