Which country has the best cuisine?

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Best cuisine?

  1. Italian

  2. French

  3. British

  4. Thai

  5. Indonesian

  6. Vietnamese

  7. Chinese

  8. Mexican

  9. Argentinian

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  10. Other

  1. Haha yes REAL chinese restaurants are hard to find here. I know a couple in Amsterdam and they're amazing.
  2. Spain has some great food too.
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  3. yes!
  4. Chinese, followed closely by Italian.
  5. really hard to pick , since I love food from all over.

    I am going to go Italian or French because I think as a whole they have the most complete genre of dishes.
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  6. America obesity chain "maidanglao" #1 famours western food factory. But I think maidanglao food taste like bad smell juice for make chou tofu. China person throw away bad smell juice but America person mix with that cow skin and corn tube, press in factory to make "hamburger" and sell for 20 yuan. America business genius, shourld vote #1 best cuisine.
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  7. I was hoping this would be the thread to encourage wheelman to stop lurking and start posting.
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  8. we need a w(h)ine thread for that
  9. Was eating some beef with black beansauce today. Chinese food can be so fucking good.
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  10. This man knows.
  11. I'm a big fan of Korean food
  12. Im a fan of our local Cajun cuisine and also Thai, but Greek/Lebanese food is especially my favorite.
  13. The last time I had Greek food I was already drunk when I sat down at the table, then they plied us with Ouzo, and it was fkin game over. It was carnage.

    Food was good though
  14. Greek food is pretty good yeah. Love me some good gyros and tzatziki

    and baklva of course
  15. Can't beat a good Banh Mi for lunch
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  16. french and cajun cuisine
  17. New Orleans
  18. all washed down with some lovely 10w/40
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  19. certainly not but you like to eat your porridge and bacon dried out with dogshit and piss, british food is absolute shit .
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  20. i bet hemi likes a baguette up his rusty sheriffs badge every now and then
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  21. can't you shut up instead of spreading nonsensical stupidities like a 15 years old teenage douche??
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  22. Avec ou sans beurre d'ail?
  23. Such as these: "you like to eat your porridge and bacon dried out with dogshit and piss"
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  24. I love this take on british cuisine
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  25. bacon and eggs flush with the tuft
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