Which country would you rather live in?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by KRSONe1, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. a liberal who can accept the facts? never heard of one
  2. Yeah, he can veto it, that's not the point. He's not a dictator if hundreds of representative wrote the damn bill. Dictators make their own laws, nothing Bush has done signifies a dictatorship.

    9/11 caused a HUGE amount of job losses. How do you explain 14 STRAIGHT months of job gains? Remember all the airline companies that went bankrupt after 9/11? Remember the hotels that went out of business? That causes job losses, which hurt the economy.

    Al Qaeda is spread through just about ever country there is. You seem to #%[email protected] about us invading countries, but then expect us to wipe out Al qaeda in every country? You can't have it both ways.

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    oliver north? good...

    you win

    who cares

    suicide bombings...because we've had so many in new york...

    1 out of 3 aint bad...
  4. I'd live in the US. There's something about the third world that doesn't jive well with me.
  5. Die. Seriously, follow suite and kill yourself because your so sad the guy you were rooting for didn't win the contest.

    You offer no points, don't listen to reason, and one of the worst members in recent memory. No one likes you... just leave.
  6. Abu Nidal was a terrorist supported by Iraq whether you like it not.

    Right, I win.

    I care, seeing how it proves that Saddam supported terrorism, which four minutes ago you said was an incorrect statement.

    There are americans in places other than America, just in case you didn't know.

    1 out of 3 (or now 3 out of 3) is all I need to prove that Saddam had links to terrorism. You sure fell pretty fast, the other liberals at least put up a five page long fight full of mindless posts before ignoring the topic when they are owned.
  7. i like turbodreams.. hes gonna take the piss off a liberal thread to page two by pissing off conservatives.

    dance my monkeys dance.
  8. alright then, what about the rest of the arab world? why arent we invading them? im sure theres half a dozen other countries that support islamic militants...

    oh wait, what about china, north korea, cuba....

  9. saudi arabia has close ties with the bush family and are essencial to our economy.. they are exempt.. matter of fact, they can harbor terrorist all they like, bush wont mind.
  10. Every American President in recent history has had ties to them also, we should kill them all for being such greedy bastards.
  11. because shits like you #%[email protected] and moan each time we do something right and its kinda hard to take on china without going nuclear and nobody worries about cuba cause Fidel cant even walk off stage without falling on his ass and Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are already helping us so why mess up a good thing and Iran just stopped their nuclear programs
  12. where do you live, and who are you?
  13. but were also central to their economy.. do we offer an ultimatum? do we plan strategic bombing?

    on CBS a defected CIA agent last week said that in 2001 we knew where osama was. he was meeting with a prince in the saudi royal family. we knew exactly where it was. did we coornate with saudi arabia to capture him? you know ..there is genocide were not stopping in africa. you know, there a lot wrong with the world.. a lot the United States must be a part of handling.. makes me wonder how good our presidents priorities are. weither they are in the interest of the united states and the world.
  14. pakistan is helping is? is that why osama is living there?
    saudi arabia? a country full of extremists?

    okay, what about sudan, egypt, somalia, eritrea, libya, morocco (moussawi or whatever) algeria, tanzania, malaysia, N. Korea, indonesia, etc.

    oh btw i like how you guys elected nixon, vietnam was a big threat to us, im glad you stopped them
  15. Shit I elected Nixon? Wow. Holy shit dude. I'm beginning to think you are worse than Homero... which is #$%#ING AMAZING.
  16. homero is the man
  17. Pakistan is searching for bin Laden, does that help to explain it?
  18. That right there shows how retarded you are.
  19. Nobody's perfect. We do have some responsibility in stopping those things, but whenever we do anything (Iraq, etc.) the world b!tches and tells us to mind our own business. There's no winning when we are the most powerful nation, everybody wants us on their side but that would piss somebody else off, so dealing with lots of pissed off nations is something we should get used to.
  20. also, this is not a real reply to your current post, just you in general.

    first i want to know where you live, what city/country/state?

    then i want to know where you learned about the economic process.

    if you wernt stupid you would realize that during clintons term we had the highest rise in the econemy, a force that no other country could really match. clinton kept pushing it forward. doing everything he could to make it the strongest and most powerful it had ever been...

    i already know you think this is a good thing.

    Greenspan who really controls our econemy was ready to slow our econemy midway in clintons second term, although he was convinced to wait, this created a higher than average amount of inflation. so when Greenspan got the greenlight to take care of this problem (at the end of the term) he started to raise interest rates, this is how you slow the econemy, if a countries currency becomes too high other countries will have less of a reason to trade, which can in turn devistate the econemy.

    anyway Greenspan did his job, slowed the econemy, and put it in a controlled recession. if you look at the econemy's history this happens just about every decade. its normal, its to protect us from a depression. you cant just become the richest most powerful country in the world and keep growing, other countries then would not be able to afford to trade with such a rich country, obviously this cuts output into a fraction of its potential amount.

    do you know what happens then?

    of course you dont, your ignorant.

    well then over production creates a surplus, then factories close, then jobs are lost, if your too far ahead of the rest of the world your econemy wont beable to even itself out without a dramatic decline first. hence the Great Depression.

    so, you want another Great Depression? thats just about what you said by saying bush has done a bad job by allowing the recession to take its course.

    i wouldnt be suprised if you pretend not to see this post, and yes i realize my spelling is horrible, do i care? no.
  21. here, should be obvious.
  22. the spikes are inflation, if it gets too much higher than the rest of the world, the above mentioned happens...
  23. Argentina is an American country, beeotches
  24. yes, because reganomics works so well...lets just give alot of money to the rich and hope they spend it, that way everyone else will have a job supporting the rich republican
  25. Cutting tax rates for the rich actually increases tax revenue to the government. It's not about giving money to anybody at all. Cutting the tax rate is different than giving people money. If you want to be owned economically again, argue this one with me.

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