Which country would you rather live in?

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  1. answer my question

    i cant beleive thats all you could come up with. so you dont agree with the tax cuts, hell neither do i, i think the surplus should have gone more to the deficit. although, can you tell me, how many new jobs would have been created if the tax cuts targeted the poor?
  2. Somehow I've missed how that kind of policies has enabled people to afford health insurance these last 4 years.
  3. Stopping things like health care liability reform is what makes health insurance expensive. I don't see how tax cuts have anything to do with making health care harder to get.
  4. the tax cuts wernt for health care, it was to help keep larger employment rates by taking less money from people that hire people to work at thier buisnesses. the more the employers get tax relief the less they have to cut jobs. and in turn the less familys go un-fed.
  5. answer what question?

    none, because tax cuts for any class aren't the answer
  6. From Thomas Sowell, author of "Applied Economics":

    "One of the major purposes of tax cuts is to get people to take their money out of tax-free securities and invest that money in something that will increase economic activity and create jobs. Since our income tax system is steeply graduated, any across-the-board tax cut will immediately benefit most those who pay most of the taxes -- which is to say, people with higher incomes.

    After Ronald Reagan's tax rate cuts in the 1980s first brought out anguished cries of "tax cuts for the rich," it turned out that the federal government collected more tax revenue than ever and that people in upper income brackets not only paid a larger amount of taxes than before, but even paid a higher share of all taxes than before.

    How could this be?

    This takes us back to slippery words and sloppy thinking. What was cut were tax rates. What went up were tax revenues. At lower tax rates, it paid to take money out of tax shelters and put it somewhere where it was more productive, both for the individual investor and for the economy as a whole.

    As the economy expanded and incomes and employment rose, tax revenues rose, despite lower rates being charged for a given income. The incomes of people in the higher brackets went up especially sharply, so the total taxes they paid also went up especially sharply -- again, despite lower tax rates."
  7. Oh, but they are. Read my above post.
  8. where do you live? city, state/country
    also how old are you?

    and, yes i know, thats why i said i didnt agree with the tax cuts, although they did do thier job, i just think our econemy would be more sucure if we spent more of it on the deficit. although who knows if we did that we may have screwed ourselves... anything that was done was a risk.

    i like how you ignore everything but one small point. like you feel that just because you were wrong on everything but this small fraction of the arguement you have justified hating bush... quit watching hollywood make an ass out of themsevles and form an educated opinion of your own...

    if you go and do that, and you come back educated (key word), and you can back up an arguement of why bush is this horrible president, then i will respect position. until then, your a jackass.
  9. im too tired to argue with someone who quotes a conservative author...

    if i moved back to france would that make you all happy?
  10. you have still not answered my questions. how old, where do you live.

    i should have known you were french.
  11. He knows more about economics than you do. Just read, it makes sense.
  12. he has a biased opinion therefore it is invalidated
  13. EVERYONE's opinion is somewhat biased dipshit.
  14. not fox news. they are fair and balanced.
  15. On that list: America
    If I can live anywhere: Italy
  16. again, where do you live, and how old are you... this is like the fifth time ive asked. are you ignoring the question?
  17. Wow, I didn't see this!

    But considering...
    A) America is a continent, not a country.
    B) According to SC.net stats almost 45% of the members are from USA
    C) Less than 10% could point Argentina in a map
    D) I'll keep bashing the war criminal George W. Bush whichever the result is

    ...this thread is even funnier than LJFS's cyber-girlfriend. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

  18. most people refer to the United States as America, as it it the most powerful country there by a country mile.
    Is that 10% of Americans, or the world, because i can find Argentina easy (and their Rugby team likes to throw crooked line-outs).
    Theres a fine line between war criminal and idiot because a) the war is over, and he still launches full scale assualts on Fallujah, and B) because he's from Texas.

    I find it funny that they say "It's almost as big as Texas." yet, 5 out of the 7 states and territorys in my country are bigger than texas numerous times over each.
  19. Is'nt a country...
  20. america this is a non contest.
  21. Argentina, I really want to travel and be somewhere totally different... plus it has beautiful landscapes, people and great football. Aside from that its pretty fuct, but it would be a great experience.

  22. You have to be kidding, there is a lot wrong with the world and Bush has only added to it, the war in Iraq was wrong why people not get that it was not necessary. Really makes you wonder about his morals, he's got a lot of dead Iraqi’s on his head.

    The World would be happy to find bin laden the world is not to keen on attacking country’s that have nothing to do with it, Afghanistan was a huge success, why they could have not continued the war on terror I don’t know.

    Whose side was the US on when they invaded Iraq I don’t think anybody bar the US themselves.

    You, stop your bush loving, and face the facts.
  23. America, even if I dislike some of the people... It's anyway closer to my present home country.
  24. China, France , Russia .

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