Which country would you rather live in?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by KRSONe1, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. A. America is two continents actually, dumbass. But seriously, you know exactly what he means when he says America.
    B. The question is not "where do you live?" It is "where would you live?"
    C. You don't have any evidence of that, that's an extremely unfounded opinion.
    D. You still have not provided a single shred of evidence as to Bush being a war criminal. Go ahead and call him that, but just remember that we all know you're wrong.

    I never had a cyber-girlfriend nor did I ever say I did. Where the #$%# do you get this shit?
  2. Nobody said the war was necessary, but that's doesn't mean it was wrong. Saddam murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Being morally right is not sitting by and watching Saddam murder hundreds of thousands of his own citizens.

    How much help is the rest of the world giving to help us find bin Laden? How much has france helped? How much has germany helped? How much has russia helped? Most of the world isn't happy to do anything to help the war on terrorism. Also, don't say that Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism, or you will become the THIRD person I've owned on that subject within 24 hours.

    Whose side was every country (excluding the ones in the coalition) on when the US invaded Iraq? I don't think anybody but themselves. Why do we have to do thing for the world but the world doesn't have to do anything for us? Selfish bastards.

    When you give me facts to face, I'll face them gladly.
  3. So why did you choose Iraq? Clearly there are several countries that are "eviler".

    It's funny how the Bush people have changed the reason for the war. First it was because Saddam was a big threat, and then there were no WMDs, and all of a sudden the reason for the war is to free a country from an evil dictator.
  4. There were always many reasons, but the media only focused on a few. The fact that they brooke 12 UN resolutions was a huge one, and that still stands. Thast alone (since they were given with a threat of military force) gives us reason enough to go to war with them. Also the terrorist connections (NOTE: THERE WAS NO CONNECTION TO 9/11) were a good reason to go there.
  5. Terrorist connections, huh. Unlike, say Saudi-Arabia? Could you please remind me of which country most of the terrorists who performed the 9/11-attacks came from?
  6. There are terrorists all over the US, that does not mean that the US supports them. You don't even understand the difference between having terrorists FROM your country and giving support to terrorists. No wonder you don't understand the invasion of Iraq.
  7. Saudi-Arabia are just as bad. Now that you guys realized that, they gave the terrorist what? Like a two month head-start to leave the country or surrender.
  8. So you say that Saudi Arabia is just as bad, so do you think that somehow means that Iraq isn't a problem?
  9. That is Price/Earnings ratio, when it spikes like that you know there is a bubble.

    Thank god though, that even after a severe bubble bursting AND a terrorist atack on basically the center of the world economy that we did not go into a depression if you think about it. The US DID dodge abullet if you think about it, the Bubble of the late 90s was even worse than the 20s.

    Look what happened to Japan in 1990... Their P/E ratio reached like 70 IIRC before their bubble exploded when the Nikkei hit 40000.... and they STILL havent recovered since!(the Nikkei is at ike 11,000 now..)
  10. No. What I'm saying is that it's not a big enough reason to go to war. Now, I don't think invading Iraq was a bad thing, I just believe that there are other nasty countries which could have been prioritized, such as North Korea.
  11. I'll have to agree with you then.
  12. the us are my choice.
  13. Argentina has better mountains for me too climb.
  14. Arhentina for me. I'd start my own army, take it over from within and declare it a Canadian protectorate therby improving it 1000000000000000000000000 times.
  15. No wonder you like George Bush.
  16. ROFL
  17. Of those, te US.
  18. If you're from Canada, you don't need the army.
    You are welcome. I'll pay for the wine to improve your joy of life.
  19. You're not the least bit concerned that I want to wage a hostile take over/annexation of your country?
  20. wtf is his country any way?
  21. Do you mountain climb? Go climb Aconcagua and take pics please.
  22. gwb is your president.
  23. No shit, eh?
  24. Pfft. Chile has better mountains.
  25. You could say that those aren't indicators of a dictator.

    And you want to talk Patriot Act? I'm sorry, it might get painful, but you can try.

    Give me specific examples, from the Patriot Act, where Bush has consolidated power to himself, or taken away civil liberties that Americans and people around the world already have.

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