Which Current Ferrari do u want the most

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by SuperSonic, Aug 25, 2013.

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  2. Where's the option "None of the above"?
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    just kidding

    if u dont like ferraris though and you're on a supercar forum, theres something wrong with you.
  4. I don't like the current Ferrari models.
    The one I really like is the F355 Berlinetta, sounds is just awesome.
  5. Fair play
  6. I'm tempted to say the California, as I think it has the broadest range of talents and therefore would see the most use. The LaFerrari isn't even in production, so calling it "current" is a bit dubious.
  7. f456 for me, sorry but none of the today ferraris are appealing to me
  8. f12 novitec
  9. The last Ferrari I liked is the 550 Maranello.
  10. I liked the 599 gto. Last one before that was 360cs
  11. 456, 355, spare parts, services and fuel.

    If that option is not available, then prolly the 458 spider but can't really say since I haven't driven any of those listed.
  12. 458 Spyder for sure.

    Everything else isn't even that desirable.

    Ferrari 575 SuperAmerica and 360CS are all time favorites though
  13. Porsche 918.
  14. FF
    Though I really like the F12 too
  15. From those 458. From recent models a manual 599 tops my list. Alltime favorite F40. Classic favorite 250 SWB.

    Thread does remind you how awesome Ferrari is when so many models have so much so right.
  16. of all the ferraris I saw in London on the 22nd, my favourite in the metal was the 575, although I wanted it to be a 550.
  17. Speciale without the stripe looks so good. But of course it's really the laFerrari
  18. Ferrari 360 CS, I know its not 'current' but thats what I would choose if I could have any Ferrari.
  19. saw a 612 last week. probably see 1 a year in nottingham.

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