Which Engine Do You Prefer?

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by 300ZXman, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Please list advantages, and disadvantages to each engine, along with your opinion.
  2. Your avatar is the ugliest wheel I've ever seen.
  3. SR20DE, because it is more reliable with high hp, and it is a fun free-revving little motor.
  4. don't even now what motors they are. hahaha sorry no opinion till i have more info.
  5. KA24DE comes in the 1991+ 240SX and Altimas, and the SR20DE comes in G20s and the top Sentras.
  6. oh thanks, i still won't comment as i now jack-shit about those cars or motors
  7. Don't know either of those engines, what were they in or what are their stats?
  10. sr20de is good but the T version is better, it's easier to work on than the KA24DE.
  11. the SR20DE is a fun engine to have but for modification the KA24DE is better
  12. If you're going to run a stock engine, the SR20DE is a much better choice because it's much better engineered than the KA24DE. If you're going to totally build the motor, then maybe a KA24DE would be the better choice.
  13. I'm not sure about reliability, but they say the KA has a stout bottom end and is better for torque, considering it was orignally fitted into a truck. I bet there are alot more aftermarket parts for the SR20 however they probably will cost a fair margin more.
  14. LOL!!!
  15. If it were there, I think everybody would choose a large-block V8 Hemi engine.
  16. lol agreed
  17. New engines, please.
  18. If you got a KA24DE engined 240sx. The best mod u can give it, is to put the Japan Domestic engine from the 240sx in. That engine produces a third more power and the sway is sooo easy.
  19. SR20. Easier to get power out of with boltons.
  20. lets say if i was rebuilding the entire engine starting from just the block.......which one would you prefer (high preformance pistons, high preformance connecting rods, head, intake/exhaust, and turbo + intercooler, fuel, and ecu)
  21. if the ka24 were a better engine i would be happy to say it instead. . i am so sick of every damn person i see driving a 240 talking about thier awesome plans to import an sr20det. . like everyone else. . .but anyways. . from what i have read the sr20 is a great engine and i find it wierd that they replaced it with such a different engine (high torque, lower revs). . .
  22. Stock for stock you'll take the SR20DET. Stock for Stock the SR20DE is a bit better. If you wanna build something the SR20DET has a huge aftermarket and a fanboy following and tech following. If you're a innovator and want more torque you'll take a KA24DE and work some magic into it
  23. SR20- slight power deficit, more rev-happy, larger aftermarket, more robust for boosting and track use.

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