which is better euro or usa

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SGTSTIX, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. the Ford Gt & saleen S7 are USA's answer
  2. Not every car is reliable, saying "they are reliable just like any other car" doesn't mean anything.
  3. The last time that I checked, the C5 Z06 had more bang for the buck than any TVR. That was based on TVR prices in the UK and Z06 price in the US. TVRs are also among the least reliable cars on the road. They might even be dead last. Most of them are ugly too.
  4. TVR cebra? isn't that the white safari edition with the black stripes all over it?
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  6. for one the me4 12 does not count its still concept and will never reach production chrysler cannot aford such price climb and the finacial decline of the company they cant afford it theyve done said this in the detroit auto show last year!!!
  7. 1. Get your facts straight, the decision to produce probably will be made by the beginning of next year, and certain sources say that the production is viable and even likely. Prototypes are in testing right now, and, goddamn it, I was at the Detroit Auto Show last year, and they said NOTHING about the chances of this car just being a design exercise.

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  9. Panoz costs the same as an NSX ? is that the NSX price in the US or Japan?
  10. A 94 TVR as just the same performance as the new C6 Corvette and you only pay about 20k for a used one which is a good deal. It will outperform a C5 Z06 in every aspect. The problem with most TVRs is you will not find parts at you local autoparts store. Most them are ugly? are you crazy? they look much better than the C5 Z06
  11. You realize that the straight-6 TVR's (Tuscan, Cerbera Speed Six, T350C, Tamora) have a failure rebuild/failure rate of about 40% don't you. And that's just the engine...
  12. Have to remember, the NSX wasn't ever designed to offer the most bang for the buck. It's got a far more complicated engine (DOHC w/VTEC and variable intake volume), with more exotic materials used throughout its construction (titanium for the connecting rods, aluminum for the unit body, leather covering practically every surface on the interior, etc.) It will almost always lose in any bang for the buck compare, but Honda seems complacent enough with the relatively mediocre production output.
  13. Yup. That about sums it up.
  14. Ditto.

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