Which one of these is da most Luxorious??

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Spinnin Rimz101, Dec 10, 2004.

  2. Maybach obviously...I wonder who will be the first to say Hummer??
  3. HUMVEEE!!!!1111
  4. stop making these stupid polls plz
  5. Maybach Benz
  6. Shutup, ur fake n00b
  7. Maybach 57/62. I don´t think the "Benz" appears anywhere.
  8. have yu seen that pimp interior on the hummer?

    thats some real shi!
  9. Yeah, first of all, there's no "benz" on the end of Maybach. Also, this is a horrible comparo.

    Yeah, I've seen the 'pimp' interior. You're right! That's some real shi!. You hit the nail on the head. These are two completely different rides. One is for the wealthy, discerning person, and the other is for tacky rappers and pimply high schoolers who think they're gonna get laid after the prom.
  10. I hate people who call Mercedes, "Benz".

    Mercedes is a much much cooler name. I knew a girl whos name was mercedes and she was #$%#ing hot.
  12. maybach of course hummer limo is useless
  13. My 89 Civic SI, fo' shizzle. It's got a cd player.
  14. the hell happened to the post limit for making threads? FIX IT!
  15. worst pictures EVER.
  16. WTF is happening to the site?
  17. dan wants more members and he attracts idiots.

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