which one's better?? 300zx or rx7??

Discussion in '1984 Nissan 300ZX' started by Babbu69, Aug 10, 2002.

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  2. i dont kno dat much about cars... i do a little buh compare to ppl here.... im nothin...^^ well can u ppl help me out and give me some info???? i kno both of them r great cars buh duno which one's better... thanx ppl!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Dude... The RX-7 will blow the 300 ZX out of the water. But, when you throw the twin turbos on the 300, it just might edge the RX-7 out. Rotary engines are strong as hell, hence the RX-7's awesome power.
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    the rx7 tt would beat the 300zxtt stock, but with manyy mods the 300zx can be one of the fastes,most agile cars on the planet. Nissan has more racing experience than mazda. Nissan built the R390Gt1 that is an estraordinary supercar. I own a stillin smz 300zx with over 500hp. no nos. nos is for sissy's. I personally like the 300's better and with the addition of a veilside body kit,they look stunning. It should have been in the fast and the furious.
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    email me if you awant to know more. XSK420@netscape.net
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    the Rx7 was made to beat the 300zx the rotery has no red line so but it only last like 50K miles when driven hard.
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    thats a total misconception about rotors. the engines do last, its just many owners especially with the older generations didn't maintain them properly.

    And a rotary will murder a 300tt stock for stock, and tuned as well, simply because they are so light and handle much better. I've been around plenty of 300s a mate used to run a jap performance shop and i've never been really impressed with them, considering this is from the same company that make the GTR.

    Tuned for tuned? a rotor would beat it to. but there nice cars, just not a threat to RX7s. or rotors in general. Before i get flamed by people about the tuning potential of the 300 i know they can be tuned but no where near the extent of the rotary engine.

    www.rotormaster.com.au is a testimant to that.
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    Actually you are also fooled. THe Deal with Rotors blowing up is they are not really made to handle boost. Also, tuners often skip things that need to be replaced and go for the high gain parts. An RX-7 is still a better car but you do have to be very careful with them where as 300zx's last longer. Also take into consideration how cheap it is to buy a new engine on an Rx-7 I have a 87 turbo 2 and it only cost me $1000 for a new engine/turbo
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    deffintly gotta go with the 300 zxtt. first you got the nissan name and everything that comes with it(strong tranny, reliability).second rotary engines are high matience especialy in high mileage.third you can do pretty much anything you want to a 300zx.but hey i would take either one.
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    Forget both of 'em. It's all about the 1993 and up Toyota Supra TT.<!-- Signature -->
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    Actually because one rotor takes the job (along with the wear and tear) of three cylinders, but with the size of one cylinder, engine wear occurs exceptionally fast. Faster than cylinder engines.
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    you're right. too much fast and furious makes supra's seem a lot better than they are. Too many people now believe that the supra is the best car out, NO. and it's too hard to convince them otherwise. I used to liek supra's when i was a little kid back in the early 90s, but now, as i'm older and know more abuot cars, NO. Supra's because of the fast and the furious are over-rated.
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    I would take an RX7 over a 300ZX
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    you would. but all is see is "take" not buy.
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    only buy the rx7 if u are loaded and dont mind waiting for your car to be repaired at an auotshop. the rotary engine is powerful as hell, however it is not very reliable.

    Not only is the 300zx more dependable, but it also has a more luxurious interior. its easier to live with as a daily driver.

    i would pick the nissan.
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    ever think of reliability...to all you 13 year olds out there, if your car breaks down a lot, you wont give a #$%# how fast the 0-60 is!!! the rx-7, like many mazdas of the era isn't reliable, and their rotary engine isnt very advanced (however this seems to have improved with its successor)

    the 300zx is plenty fast and youll be happy with its longevity
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    Too me i have always liked the Mazda RX-7 but after seeing and riding in my freids 300ZX, i have changed my mind about which car would be more fun to muck around in, what im trying to say is that if you want a cheap but fast car get the 300ZX but if you want to drag or ride in style or whatever and if you have the money get a RX-7 for sure.

    The RX-7 is way faster than the stock 300ZX, but if you get a twin turbo, overboost + some NOS im pretty sure your 300ZX will cane that typical RX-7

    I still love the RX-7 but for a chick magnet you should get a NISSAN 300ZX
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    Don't forget that the rx-7 can be modified as well. And another big advantage is the light body weight of the rx7. Street legal Rx-7 can do 9 sec easily.
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    rx7 is only abit faster then the 300ZX TT stock...but the 300ZX is better...the handling is just perfect...thanx to the hicas 4 wheel steering...the style is vey unique..sweet! plus the 300hp power..and the Z is very relaible..while the rx7 engine is not reliable..
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    About the whole engine wear issue... the only thing that really gets wear are the rings that seperates the chambers. Aside from a horrible thermal efficiency (if anyone has one, they would know what the hood feels like after a nice drive), the engine is wonderful.
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    RX-7 all the way!!! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>
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    I'd take the 300ZX. I used to think this car was bad ass when I was a kid. It still is awsome today too. Back in 1990 when I was in junior high, my 8th grade math teacher bought this car off the showroom floor. Every recess brake us kids would go to the parking lot and stop, stare and druel at it. The only other car that I can remember that was just as awsome to look at was the Micheal Knight Knight-Rider car (KIT).
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    on performance, i like the 300zx better. tho by the way new cars are coming up lately, the 300zx rather looks old(IMO). specially the tail lights. sometimes i wish they could make aftermarket tail lights that would make it look better. i've seen some 300zx's have clear tail lights and it made it look better, but still not enough. i would buy a tt supra if i could but its way out of the price range. im not one of those people who loves supra's simply coz of the stupid movie. i've loved the supra way before it was on the fast and the furious. i love how the supra looks specially when lookin at it on the side. if only i can drop a 300zx tt engine to a n/a supra(coz tt's costs way too much), i really would. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> if you havent noticed, im more on the how the car looks than how it can perform. but of course,performance is still a big plus. and oh yeah, if you guys are about to say hyundai tiburon.. all i can say is hyundai sucks.
  24. It depends which gen rx7 you are refering to. The late 80s rx-7 was nothing special, but the last rx7 is way better than a 300zx. Much lighter and sporty. The 300zx is an unstable & heavy.

    But as far as reliability, the last rx7's were total crap, esp the first year (93?) ones. Nice car to drive, good weekend car, not a good daily driver unless you want to spend more $ on repairs than mods.

    As far as owning, i'd take the 300zxTT over rx7, but n/a 300zx i'd take the rx7 turbo anyday. n/a z's are slow. I know i've driven one, w/ a MT.

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