Which religeon do you hate most?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by vwdrivervw, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. I swear, you can't #$%#ing spell.
  2. University education gone horribly wrong?

    I think so.

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  4. why? he totally sucked
  5. +1
  7. all of them but mostly islam
  8. I share an equal disgust of both Islam (all of the different types) and Christianity (again, all of them).

    You'd think that a whole lot of people who agrre on the same tihng could agree, but no. Instead they all have to be ƒuckwits like mclaren777 and Osama Bin Laden.
  9. Anyone who hates moderates is retarded
  10. we should make the results of our polls public on wiki
  11. I don't hate any of those.
  12. Catholic extremists did this to my home town, injuring 200 people. no muslims have tried to blow my shit up yet so these twats are no.1
  13. I chose Islam, mostly because every muslim I've met, bar one girl, has been an arsehole and a liar. And plus, their extremists are the worse. Also, I disagree when the moderate muslims say its a religion of peace, when it says (plenty of times) in the Koran, that 'infidels' are Islams enemy, and NOT to befriend non believers in any way, because Allah hates them, and any muslim that does become their friend should be outcasted from other muslims, and that non-believers should be FORCED to convert if they dont do so by their own will, and that specifically Jews and 'people of the book' (ie; christians') should not be befriended, especially as a government, and if you die for the cause of Islam (ie, any of the reasons just mentioned), you get to heaven straight away and are rewarded with virgins and whatnot. Oh yeah, also because Mohammad married a 9 year old girl, wtf is up with that?

  14. were you thinking about how long it would take to get the burka off so you could PTPIHBAU?
  15. "non-believers should be FORCED to convert if they dont do so by their own will"

    total bullshit

    about the rest you've been fed a lot of statements that are designed to make islam look abnormal which is actually very normal.

    the ideas which the so called liberal minority promotes are a hundred times worst in principal than those in moderate religions. plus- WWI, WWII and other previous wars were caused by extremists who wanted to rule the world and they weren't religious at all.

    indeed from a human value perspective those who find their liberal utopia in US and other countries are a liberal minority compared to people with religious values.these groups are the most vulnerable because they always get swept away by those with extreme ideas who can fool them into believing something that in essence is false to begin with.
  16. islam. obviously.
  17. ISLAM is the shittiest religion ever add also to this mac laren 777's religion.
  18. All. Religion sucks. Period.
  19. mclaren*
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    such a clever video

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