Which supercar company will use diesels first?

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  1. Cayman S
  2. sorry mate, just getting that impression <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  3. nobody can really agree on the true definition of a supercar anyway.

    but all listed above are expensive sports cars. if i say Porsche, you are likely to imagine a fast and expensive car, whereas if i say Audi, you are more likely to imagine a four-door family executive car initially, although Audi do now make a mid-engined sports car, and Porsche now make an upmarket SUV.
  4. BTW, there was a rumor of a hybrid porsche cayenne some time ago.
  5. That's not a rumour.
  6. Porsche will be using VAG's V12 tdi, Maser needs a Modular engine wich would present itself as a V8, and V6 for Lancia and Alfa mainly
  7. if you take out the cayenne, then lamborghini.
  8. they should melt together 2 alfa 2.4jtdm's to make a 4.8 v10 twin turbo diesel, that would be awesome!
  9. I think that it would be Porsche def.

    I sincerly soubt we will ever see a diesel in the supercar category. Bio-Fuel OTOH is a totally different matter. Koeningsegg already did it. I say methanol/bio-ehtanol is the future way to go
  10. You do realise that these engines weigh about a ton?

    Sure, they may be good for a few thousand hp but they are soo heavy. They are also quite large if you place them next to a conventional car engine.
  11. Bio ethanol is a temporary solution. Bio metanol can be produced using the same synthetic production method that is used for synthetic diesel and DME (also a diesel fuel), but the diesel engines are a bit more fuel efficient than a methanol spark ignition engine. Synthetic diesel and methanol are much better fuels than bioethanol, but the tehnology used to produce the fuels isn't ready yet.
  12. This wouldnt be a proper sports car, more of a extreme luxury car/palace.
  13. Covini already does
  14. Lamborghini, I think. They are owned by Audi, which is a subsidiary of Volkswagen, which has diesel engines galore.
  15. voted porsche, but i think lambo would do it before porsche, porsche has made it clear they dont want to do diesel. unless maybe they put one in the cayenne
  16. No 6 wheels = instafail.

    +100 on the obscure car knowledge. Never knew of that model
  17. Porsche, for sure. Out of those anyway
  18. if Lambo builds an SUV, I think they'll very probabily give it a diesel engine.
  19. They already have. The TDI in the Touareg and the V-10 in the Gallardo are very similar in size, so they tried putting the TDI into a Gallardo. Don't know how it turned out, though.
  20. having the same V10 configuration and similar displacement doesn't make them similar in size
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  22. I thought Audi was the most obvious answer.
  23. Audi doesn't make any supercars.
  24. Covini actually made several cars before the C6W.
  25. what engine is in that??

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