Which wheels do you like more?

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by Hetzen, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. BBS, but that only because i haven't heard of Rial.
  2. I like the BBS. But I'd get a set of OZ Ultraleggeras instead. Everyone with a VW has BBS or a knock-off
  3. Before you buy you may want to check the weight on those Rials.

  4. those do not look good
  5. The world disagrees with you. Personally I prefer gun metal but it's an awesome wheel.

    BBS mesh wheels on VWs are played out like Stewicide on Wii. Hell it's a factory equipment for some models.

    As an added bonus they cost half the price of those BBS meshes and weight less too. In 17 inch they weigh 16lbs, in 18 they weigh 16.5. They also cost around $260 a wheel.

    A 17 inch BBS RC weighs in at 17.5lbs and costs $417 each.

    A huge part of BBSs price is their image.
  6. Those are superleggeras, which are no longer available. These be ultraleggeras. Taking off my winters and putting them back on tomorrow.

    EDIT* Apologies for the massive pic
  7. i don't care who disagrees with me, they look like shit
  8. Personally I like the Rials...
  10. i like the Rial ones. oh and yeh get a replica german number plate
  11. No go on that swap deal. Guy sold the wheels to someone else. I'm kinda happy actually. I'm going to get new center caps, off the EVO MR acually, so the wheels look like the ones on the car with the couch on top.
  12. I prefer the BBS...;-)
  13. Rial and stuff. Although a different style BBS wheel might make me change my mind...

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