while we are talking about Lightnings............

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  1. What the #$%# is a Boss F150? I saw an Ford ad for it in auto mart sitting next to a lightning. So i mean WTF is a Boss F150? Is it just a dealer hopped up Lightning?
  2. It's a Body Kit, and the best looking F-150.
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    It's a pity that Ford Interior was so terrible, because that is a hot looking truck.
  4. its not a lightning, its slower
  5. Is it that yellow one?
  6. Yeah the link that Corolla posted is a Boss. We have a Orange one for sell at a local Ford dealer.

    Just wondering what the hell it was
  7. I was real close to buying one. The only ''modification'' is the appearance package and a cat back exahust.
  8. it's a retarded ass marketing thing that only redneck dealers picked up.
  9. My dealer just got a Ford GT.
  10. Lightnings are fast! My friends runs 8 flat 1/8s...... and It sounds like a Monster!!
  11. good for them?
  12. disgusting.
  13. ???? I hope U dont mean to say the Ford GT is disgusting, because the thought of u thinking that car is disgusting is even more disgusting! Ford GTs are gonna Kill everything and maybe skyline fans can shut the hell up for once!
  14. Amen to that!!!!!
  15. Clear cut example of indie trash
  16. what? U dont think that skyline fans are a little to obsessed with a damn japper car, that isnt even that fast, I mean a stock Cobra has the same top speed(both electronically limited) and faster acceleration than a skyline, plus the cobra is cheaper! pUT A Z06 vs a skyline and the skyline is no where to be found!
  17. yes
    id know
  18. You're in a different area boy. If you want to act like a dumbass go back to the indies
  19. Never heard of one until now.
  20. I have seen one. The dealer was talking about how it is supercharged and all this B.S and we opened the hood and it was just a regular 5.4 with nothing done. They look kinda cool although if they look that flashy they should at least haul ass.
  21. yeah they run 13.6-.13.8's and you can get them into the high 11's for not a lot of money
  22. what the hell are u talking about eggroll hiroshima honda
  23. what the hell are u talking about eggroll hiroshima honda
  24. He's right you belong in the individual forums far away from us all. Start over and make another account, you're a disgrace to your name.
  25. It means get the #$%# off the main forums you disrespectful trailer trash

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