while we are talking about Lightnings............

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 4WD, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. I dont get what upsets u import fans, I merely said in the first comment that, I hope U arent calling the Ford GT disgusting, Ford Gt is one of the Best cars ever made!!!

    So If that offends you, Go to hell! because Ford Gt will kill anything!
  2. I'm not an import fan, I too happen to dislike you. That is not the only stupid post you write.
  3. Oh please write to me the quotes that make u hate me...........Because I bet uve written more stupid ones, I dont think Ive written any stupid quote here, please point it out and make me shuttup If u can!
  4. This and all your posts.
  5. You having no actual comeback shows that your a moron, and this weakens the respect people have for you, and this shows you have no point!

    I Cannot see what has happened here!!!

    Listen and listen well....

    Someone commented that their Ford dealer just got a Ford GT

    under that someone wrote disgusting

    I saw the comment that stated disgusting, and replied to that saying, I hope you are not calling the Ford GT disgusting!because Ford GT is one of the best cars

    Then I start getting negative remarks

    did I miss something?!

  6. they're right you know. you sound like a 5 year old trying too hard to sound 20. calm down abit. your first post, related to the lightning doing 8's in the 1/8, is fine, but then you go off about skylines and everything? theres a comparison forum for comparisons. you dont need to get all defensive like that, or bring things not mentioned into it. clear cut biase doenst help (ford gt will kill everything), though enough people here have that anyways. just calm down abit, and no one will have a problem.
    that or are you just trying to get make a problem?
  7. Ya, who so ever did I even mention the Ford Gt killing everything? HMMMM maybe If u see the post before it, someone calling the Ford Gt disgusting!! Ok enough said! I was replying to the guy calling such a great car(Ford GT) disgusting!! I think u would also react like that, Plus am I not right that it will beat skylines?? U know why I said that, because there are thousands of Gran Turismo addicts out there that think skylines can beat everything.....
  8. Who the hell does 200m?

    And that time sounds pretty pathetic.
  9. well If I can get to the track thast 1/8 in 15 minutes I say its worth it....The closest 1/4 mile tracks are both an hour away from me, california speedway and palmdale... I say Irwindale is worth it (1/8) 20 bucks to run all night and 10 to watch, Plus the 1/4 mile tracks dont just allow you to race, this is free to the public ANY Car can race! SO I say its worth it!

    and 8.0 1/8 isnt slow buddy, Thats close to the times a Ferrari 360 Modena will do!
  10. a lot of people, and all 1/4s have splits, like 60 ft, 1000 ft, and the 1/8th.

    8 seconds isn't pathetic. you realize that since the car is accelerating, it's going a shit ass load faster on the second half of the quarter than the first, right?
  11. You are a GT moron
  12. Give a logical reason for your remark or recieve the Title as "STupid of the Year"!
  13. did you think maybe he meant the boss f150? Yes I think someone saying the GT is disgusting is crazy, and it can beat the skyline, but nobody broght up and skyline. Like I said, just calm down, look at your post with all the "!!!" Did you notice the thread about you? just chill, and dont bring up crazy comparisons that werent alluded to.

    on another note, a 8.0 second 1/8 is good, you start from from zero, and accelerate all the way through. so the second 1/8 will be much quicker than the first

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