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  1. anyone use em to help them sleep? right now i use an app on my phone, but i feel like it could be a lot better
  2. I've never understood how someone can sleep with a sound in the background. I need quite to fall asleep.
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  4. I play podcasts or talk radio. It lets me have something familiar and interesting, which seems like a bad idea when you dont want to keep yourself awake any longer than you really ought to be, but somehow if its something interesting them I'm just gone. I've been trying to finish the same two hour podcast since thursday.
  5. Basically this for me, I used to listen to music to fall asleep, but podcasts seem to work much better, I hardly ever listen to them during the day now though.
  6. I might give this a shot. I have trouble falling asleep and I find that the only thing that helps me is watching something boring on TV. The problem with this is, as I feel myself falling asleep, I turn the TV off and when my head hits the pillow, I'm wade awake.

    And I can't leave the TV on because it just wakes me up after 30 mins or an hour, and then it's even harder for me to get back to sleep.
  7. i have white noise in my ears already.
  8. I can't stand falling asleep with the TV on, it's somehow totally different than falling asleep listening to just audio even with my eyes closed, I end up in and out of some kind of half sleep, like having a fever dream.
  9. This is why I hate my job.
    Some times I will listen to music to help fall asleep, but only when I'm having a really difficult time. And usually only metal. Something about the drumming
  10. audio books. audio books. audio books.

    it's a win win win because there are chapters - will not keep playing all night. it is interesting - you feel like you are getting something out of the time you spend trying to sleep. you pay attention - takes your mind off things you think/obsess about that keep you from sleeping.

    I suppose podcasts work too.
  11. I do this with Seinfeld every night. My TV's set to turn itself off after 60mins. It generally takes me 40+mins to fall asleep, so there's not much time left once I'm asleep for anything to wake me up before it all turns off.
  12. I usually need quite to sleep, but I found the music of Pink Floyd to be amazing to sleep to for me. I've never slept on planes until I put The Wall on.
  13. Röyksopp for sleeping
  14. We have these built-in in our office space. When you turn up the lights, the white noise starts. Its surprisingly effective.

    just buy the bose noise-cancelling headset
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    Chillstep, especially this dudes music:

  16. That sounds awesome. My office is noisy as #$%#, lots of callers, irritates me greatly.
  17. it does help, ours is "open-space" to help with "team work" and "interactions" but as soon as someone is on the phone, other people speak up and it only goes up.
  18. Similar to one of our offices. One side of the building is nothing but open office space with a field of cubicles and they all have those half height walls. Reflections for days - if someone on one end of the building takes a phone call, you can hear it all the way on the other side. They installed one of those and it makes all the other noises seem far away.

    Weird how more noise can make things seem quieter.
  19. white noise is in fact all the human-earable sounds possibles mixed together, so it does cancels other sounds

    we made the test, with and without and like you said, it makes people sound very far away while when its off, you can clearly talk

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