Who are all these new people?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BOBITRON, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. It is many people's problem because ghetto language ruins the thread.Salad tosser.Haha.Greengrocer you are then.
  2. Haha. Funny thread. Seriously, were the indies like this? Havent been there for a while.
  3. no the indies were worse. i think most of the idiots are too stupid to even find their way here.

    there are a few though.
  4. Are you french?
  5. You a #$%#ing failure.
  6. Your a #$%#ing failure.
  7. Yes.French with russian, estonian, finnish and german roots.
  8. You all are new people, new people.
  9. I don't entirely agree with you. Some of us are long time members.
  10. Those people know who they are.
  11. That is exact. I couldn't agree more with that statement.
  12. Your AI seems to be adapting.
  13. My AI???? the greatest joke ever +1. hahaha. You made me laugh very hard Barra.You seem to understand me better too.
  14. Jeez i go for two days and the joint turns into shit.
  15. It will be okay now that you have returned.
  16. feel the love
  17. why don't you crawl back where you came from you stupid Noob.
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  19. you can always tell the problem children. my younger brother does the same crap he does when he gets mad and the obscenities just flow. if he ever gets some he will calm down.
  20. Shouldn't they be banned already?
  21. In time. I'm sure there's more important things to do than ban little children right now. There time will come, if they keep it up.
  22. Agreed there, the speed and picture posting errors have already started to fade away.

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