who can put more hp per liter in a car? HONDA IS THE ANSWER

Discussion in '1999 Honda Spocket Concept' started by RLQ, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. #$%# the NSX. That is an aging piece of shit that's about to be ruled out from history. And what the hell about the McLaren? The McLaren F1 was powered by the BMW S72B60 engine, one of the best engines ever. 6.0 liters with 664bhp. Yeah, Honda makes good engines, with outdating & stolen technology that they are barely understanding now finally. #$%# Honda. BMW, Aston Martin, Volkswagen, and Lamborghini make the best engines in the world.
  2. Most race cars use 3 liter high power/displacement engines, because they weigh less than 6+ liter engines with the same output and low weight = heightened acceleration. Therefore, I care about bhp/liter.
  3. Ummmmm...YoungJae....Aston Martin?...their engines are not that hightech or high performing. What is it?..6.0L V12..450HP is not that impressive.

    BMW engines are good...but then it took them how long to make 100hp/L. Only road-legal production car is the current M3 with the 3.2L making 333hp.

    Lambo/VW...same R&D department for performance engines. VW is pretty good. They've caught up to the competition, but still need forced induction to make 100HP/L...though I love VW engines..haha.

    Honda..let's see..used Variable Valve Technology in mass-produced cars before anyone else essentially. Made the technology affordable and accessible. So where did Honda steal technology? Rarely hear them getting sued for stealing technology, but you hear them suing other companies for stealing their technology. Alot of other companies come to them to purchase engines and motors for their own products as well. Honda is actually I believe one of the most ingenius companies around being able to offer people premium automotive technology for pretty close to bargain prices. They have pioneered quite alot of new technology. You must also remember they started off as a tiny motorcycle/scooter manufacturer and has grown to be one of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

    Sure they might not have done well in F1 over the past few years, but driver and chassis counts alot and they don't build those. They did pretty well in the Malaysian GP this year. They are one of the lowest funded large F1 teams..so I'm proud of them. As for Honda copying technology, Honda had F1 cars that BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes only wished in the earlier years when Honda brought out a variable valve F1 engine and was dominating.

    BTW....if Aston was so great in technological development...why did they end up being bought out by Ford because they were in financial debt. I love Aston Martin, but they are not at the forefront of technological breakthroughs or mass-produced affordable technology.

    Lamborghini...amazing company...amazing cars...went bankrupt once in the 80's or 90's..owned by Chrysler..then sold...then bought by VW.....and definitely not accessible to the general public.

    BMW...Have to admit they are good...survived this long. But they have always been the eptiome of luxury sports sedans. They pioneered it..and well...they're not particulatly cheap either.

    VW...Hitler's own prodigal company. Amazing how big they've grown..but they have yet to make a small displacement naturally aspirated engine to produces more than 100hp/L. But I still love them. The new GTi in White is gorgeous.

    Anyway...I think people should stop bashing Honda technology.


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