Who drove it?

Discussion in '2002 BMW M3 CSL Concept' started by Got Nitrous, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. Who drove this car around the Nurburgring? Could it have been Juan Montoya or Ralf Schumacher? Just wondering.
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    i drove it! lol
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    who knows, the Jaguar 2002 XKR Silverstone in Nurburgring was driven by Eddie Irvine....(no wonder the results were slow that year)
    regardless who knows...
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    it's more like to be the Williams test driver but I'm not sure
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    LOL.. thats good shit
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    Im guessing Hans Stuck. He usually gets to drive all BMW concepts. He drove the X5 Le Mans. He explained the ride as "going around the Nurburgring on a cannonball."

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