Who hates drifting?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, Apr 2, 2006.

  2. Savage
  3. Depends on the car that is drifting
  4. Drifting while just messing around is alright, competative drifting is superly ultra mega gay.
  5. Why, dude? It takes a lot of skill, you know.
  7. your avatar is gay
  8. Not I, McFly.
  9. i like drifting, i just hate alot of the people around it "dr1f+ 0u+ lik3 w04h dawg! NAWZLOLOLOL!"

    i need to get something RWD so i can dorifto around.
  10. I am the dorifto king.
  11. That's how people should drive all the time.
  12. It's more fun that doing a boring old burnout.
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  14. I love drifitng only when it's not my car.
  15. I like drifing a lot, but they need to perfect the ranking system.
  16. That happened to me too but it wasn't douchey, just cool.

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