Who here lifts weights?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BuickGNXkillsALL, Jun 20, 2007.

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  2. well all the lifting in the world isnt gonna cure a fat issue. hell, even with some moderate dieting i havent lost overall weight in several months (though while adding muscle mass, so clearly reducing fat); i've still got a bit of a belly, and i attribute that to the beer i drink, even though i've cut back plenty.
  3. Different goals, jackass. I'm with communista, I have no desire to look like an overgrown ape.
  4. weight lifting has nothing to do with losing fat.
  5. wrong
  6. i dont know about you, but i have a very small frame. hell, the one thing my sister and i share in common are our almost chick hands <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A> well, i guess chick hands in her case. but they're the exact same size, and almost look the same. 'cept mine can crush hers, and not vice versa.

    i weight 170 now; i weighed ~125 at the beginning of college 5 years ago, and was as low as 110 at certain points. a bit of it is fat, but much of that gained was muscle. if i did what he did, id be WAY too bulked for my build and look like a #$%#ing idiot. and considering my progress on what WCW told me to do, i must say he's got the right knowledge for the job.
  7. look like an idiot. lol. you are an idiot.
  8. post gay pics of your hot body now
  9. Remington: Intersperse your regular lifting with Sumo Deadlifts and narrow and wide stance squats at moderate reps below your max. This will build your adductors and your lateral vasti. This will improve your overall strenght, but more importantly, it will greatly aid in your stability in the squat. You can also target them with machines. Machines generally aren't used as they use the stabilizers less, but if you wish to target one specific muscle or muscle group, they're great.
  10. Nothing wrong with bulking up when your 125lbs. I'm just missing the point of I can benchpress 400 pounds but I can't whipe my ass.

    I'd rather be moderately strong and cut.

    I'm more of a small-medium frame, 5'10" and ~168lbs. I used to weigh close to 200lbs almost 2 years ago.
  11. remington, you're an assbag.

    you know shit about shit, so dont try to sound like you've got half a #$%#ing idea about lifting weights.
  12. I don't, but I'd like to start this summer.
  13. you're like more than a month late lol
  14. Bench-120lbs/don't care
    Clean-110lbs/don't care
    Leg Press-650lbs/do care

    No, none of those are machines, with the exception of the leg press, which is a 45 degree sled. On a machine I've punched out 1000+, but it means jack all. Keep in mind I'm 15 and my sports/me focus much more on aerobic endurance.

    EDIT: And if I wanted advice on lifting, I'd go to WCW, who has a near NB level freak knowledge of it, instead of getting advice from a tobaccy chewing, creationist, bible slinging redneck.
  15. thread needs more pics
  16. I lift weights to look better/perform better in sports. I do not lift weights to get big enough that I can't even reach around to wipe my own ass.
  17. Yeah I did last year, and I really should get back. Also, there's nothing wrong with machines. #$%# I started around 13 (mahcine chest press), and then the last I could do was 19-20. Those are pounds x 10, but bear in mind, the resistance is made easier with the machine, obviously. Plus, its awesome for building form, I find.

    I never did squats, etc. My favourite was always the preacher curl. (freeweight)
  18. The thing with machines is they are isolation exercises were as squat, deadlift and benchpress does alot of muscles at the same time.
  19. Yeah, most of them are I agree. There are more ways you can work yourself with freeweights, than with machines, of course. But being an isolated excersize does not make a machine "worthless" in a sense/whatever rem's getting at.
  20. Who says everyone wants to "get big". I'm very glad I don't have your "figure".
  21. If by building form, you mean developing faulty motor patterns, then yes, machines are the shit.
  22. Plenty of machines are compound, multi-joint movements.
  23. my point was there's a limit to how it'll look on a frame like mine. otherwise id waddle around like a damn neanderthal, which is apparently what some guys my size are going for at the gym, judging by hte look of it
  24. I started going to the gym again recently, like 2 months ago. Today I started with a personal trainer.

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  25. Haha how do you make these so obviously wrong statements with such conviction?

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