Who here lifts weights?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BuickGNXkillsALL, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Yeah, but you have to be erect (though, I don't know why), so who cares?
  2. Your mom cares.
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    I can do "The Elbow Lever" and that's about it. Some of that shit is pretty nuts. I'd like to eventually be able to a handstand pushup though. That's not to say it wouldn't be cool to do all that other shit as well. Bookmarked.
  5. chip ups?

  6. I can do like 15 pull ups only wide grip to do back. But I can easily do over 25 pullups if close grip. Its not that hard. Im heavy, but have strong biceps and a strong back.
  7. lol @ koko

  8. im the strongest here
  9. yeah, because thats what Im implying? errr.. no.

    But I bet you think:

    "Im a more loved SC.net member, therefore Im better than you" or some lousy shit like that.
  10. i'm just glad that i don't think it's a good thing to look like a gorilla, and i find it hilarious that you do

    lifting big weights for the sake of lifting them is pretty pointless
  11. We are talking about doing them in one set, right?

    I'll count how many I can do tonight, as I'm doing back. However, it'll be after yet another 13.5+ miles if things go as planned, so I might be pretty beat by then. I'd imagine I can do something like 25 chin-ups and quite a bit less pullups, but I don't really know.
  12. yeah, Im not really that big to look like a gorilla. Comunista is just saying that, since he is jealous he is a really small frame and can never look big.

    Its not really pointless to be able to lift a lot of weight, especially since in my daily like I do a lot of lifting and require strenth from alomost all my hobbies/job requirements. It really isnt pointless.

    I also dont think its a good thingt o look like a gorilla.

    Anyways, go on about your day. Its sleepy time for me.

  13. I just shrugged 455 for 2 today. I needed paper towels and gripped them one my palm inward and onw outward. or else I couldnt grip it.

    and yes we are talking about them in one set. Im heavy, but also can carry a lot of weight.

    I also biked very far today and walked almost half of it, because im fat <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    like maybe 5 miles I went, and I seriously dont have the endurance to do so, it was after my shoulder workout.

    I also shoulder pressed 225 for 1 only (standing up)

    I can do 225 fo 10 if it was military press (sitting down)

    tomorrow is back day, Ill tell u tomm if I deadlift more than I did last week.

  14. oh i cant wait

    Also, I wouldn't really say biking 2.5 miles then walking 2.5 miles is "very far". It's not bad, but it's not "very far". Especially seeing as how it was biking and walking.
  15. dont tell me what im thinking. i will never be jealous of not looking like you. i am more than content w/ not being bulky and fat, especially considering i've filled out my frame nicely and actually look proportional. im totally satisfied w/ the look. more importantly, im definitely pleased w/ my useful strength improvements. clearly you and i have a different definition of what constitutes big, yours being "retarded and beyond what looks good", mine being satisfactorily bulked muscle to the point that it's proportional and and noticeably different from before. which, you know, i've already achieved.

    you're an idiot. and by the way, Veyronman IS a better than you, both because he's a more loved SC member, and for many other reasons. take a hint.
  16. lol @ the last line.

    i didn't want to say anything since it would be a bit egomaniacal of myself, but it's true. I'd rather be a bit skinny with well toned muscles than look like a candidate for the search for the Missing Link.
  17. Ok seriously though, if you could bench 500 pounds and not be able to wipe your ass/reach behind yourself it would be cool, right?
  18. I'd get hard just thinking about the inability to wipe.

    I RIPPED THE SHIT OUT OF A 5.11c TODAY #%[email protected], SUCK MY SHITTER BET YOU CAN'T DO [email protected]$%[email protected]%[email protected]%! I ROCK MOTHER#$%#ER!%#%!^!!111111111
  19. Based on a quick Google search, this has something to do with climbing. What's it mean though? Like, a difficulty rating or something? I've never climbed, but I'd like to. I think I'd be pretty decent at it.
  20. Climbing's a lot of fun. I can spend three hours in the gym and not notice it, except for the soreness in my body. And that's the nice thing, once you get your form good and all you're working all bits of you body, the goal is to use your hands only as you need to.

    I think for only being into it for 5 months now, I'm pretty good, but I could be better if I top-roped (30-70 foot walls) more often. In my gym, the ratings start at 5.7 and the toughest problem we have is a 5.14b, but I'm not even qualified to attempt it, nor would I want to.
  21. I'm working with a dude that can flash 13s and some 14s.
  22. There's this super-swanky gym in town that seems to have a pretty nice wall. I went there on a free one day pass thing. I didn't climb though. The gym's awesome, but it's also $70/mo and at least twice as far away as my current gym. My current gym is kind of weak though. Basically cardio shit, weights and weight machines. I really want a gym with some nice basketball courts (for times like now, when it's almost 11pm and it's 96* out) and some raquetball courts. Anything else would just be a bonus. Is this gym like a "climbing gym", or a normal gym with climbing stuff?
  23. I'm always amazed by how hardcore some climbers are. It's fun to just sit and watch them rip a problem you thought impossible a new one. Plus sometimes you learn some things.

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