Who here lifts weights?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BuickGNXkillsALL, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. yeah, he's done international comps and stuff. He was saying he used to be able to do 60 pull ups, but now he can only do 10 and he's better then when he could do 60.
  2. Haven't touched a weight for a 3 weeks. It's summer so if it's not work, it's time to have fun. Once hockey and school start up again though, it's back to the weights.
  3. The gym I go to is mostly about climbing. You walk in and there's all the lead walls set up, and they have a little bouldering (short walls, no equipment needed) area set up too. Then if you walk down a hallway you can access a yoga studio, a climbing classroom that has some basic gymnastics equipment (rings and whatnot), and then there's a weight room. The weight room is a little basic, but the only thing that I think is missing from it is an olympic platform. Given the space they've got though it's not bad.
  4. Yeah. Um I could wipe my ass. just like I said, I wanna be strong, not look strong. You dont have to look like an "ape" to be strong. I just wanna lift heavy weights and have the strength. Not look big and bloated. k?
  5. Id wanna get bigger, but more importantly BE stronger. and by bigger I just wanna have wider shoulders. Like I mentioned in the thread. Id want to gain like 25lb in muscle and lose 30lb in fat. Not look too huge, but look pretty fit and even be stronger than I look...

    your last like is stupid. Look at you, talking crap online. You think I give a damn, if he is a more beloved Sc.net member? your philosophy is retarded.
  6. I commute by bike more than that each way every day, 2.5 miles on a bike should take you less than 10 minutes, unless you're climbing up a mountain or some shit.
  7. lol seriously 2.5 miles is nothing on a bike.
  8. "yeah, Im not really that big to look like a gorilla. Comunista is just saying that, since he is jealous he is a really small frame and can never look big."

    ahahaha. thats great. dude i think you're the last person on this site ANYONE would be jealous of. you're freaking retarded.
  9. i loled
  10. No idea, never measured it. I can bench press my girlfriend.

    edit: wait, what is bench pressing actually? I mean just lifting above me while I'm laying down and shite.

    edit: and gyms make me drool, not because I have to drool, but because I don't want to be different.
  11. Frealz. That is barely even enough time to warm up my legs.
  12. depends how hard you're driving. I can only drive 60 kmh for a small distance.

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