Who is the most wrong on sc.net?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by maserati, Jan 1, 2008.

  2. creepy...
  3. w00t
  4. All of them
  5. Noone's mentioned Mc777?
  6. Ferrari fanboys
  7. That's the most pwnage, not necessarily the most wrong. NB is also a contestant for most right.
  8. Also, I'd have to say w00t is the most wrong about the most things, as burner doesn't post enough to win it.
  9. luke
  10. i WAS the most wrong, because i did it on purpose, but i stopped trolling.
  11. stew00t777
  12. troll
  14. The correct answer is Richard Owen.
  15. i change my asnwer into FNAF
  16. Mindlessumph
  17. none of you mentioned maclaren777
  18. mclaren777 and burner deserve first place.
  21. Burner, obviously
  22. You'll stop trolling when hell freezes over.

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