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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Pinin, Apr 9, 2014.

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    I want one but I don't know ANYTHING about them.

    I'd like something small but uncompromising. I don't mean postage stamp size either. It needs to have good image quality, which I'm sure most do. Low light performance would be nice. And good sound quality, but I assume that an auxiliary mic will be the best idea.

    These Canon things look good. I wouldn't want to spend any more than this - preferably less.


    Edit: Also something that can be carried around easily without being bulky. Again this canon seems to fit the bill judging by pictures

    Edit2: wrong link, fixed
  2. I know a little.
    What's your top dollar?
  3. Without knowing much about them, it's hard to say. But I guess the cost of that Canon G25 will be my top dollar, assuming it's reasonable for my expectations.
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    For that sort of budget the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera is another awesome consideration…
    Takes Micro Four Thirds lenses which is a huge bonus, and the form factor is really nice for travel.
    If you wanted to double the budget you could get the Cinema Camera which will take Canon EF mount lenses.
    Black Magic's made huge inroads in the last couple of years.
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    looks like a nice bit of kit

  6. Your iPhone already has one. Unless you want to get it wet or throw it off a building. Then get a go pro. If you need 4K there is something wrong with you and you need a Red.
  7. I don't have an iPhone.

    I am thinking of getting a MacBook air though. Can those handle light video editing?

    I don't know what a Red is.
  8. does every thread have to be a "I like to shove my iPhone up my ass then ring it from my land line" thread, or can we just forget about apple products for a moment?
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  10. Red files are shit.
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    That looks interesting, I'll have to investigate further. Taking Canon Lenses is a big selling point
  12. yep. works best with..
  13. you just reminded me of something an idiot friend of mine did that I totally forgot about.
  14. I wasn't sure if you were a Canon or Nikon lens owner, but you can get non-glass EF -> F mount adaptors anyway can't you?
    Nice cameras.
  15. Why? I heard it is the cheapest and best way to move into 4K?
  16. It pretty much is, though Black Magic have something to say about that.

    But it doesn't mean the raw files are as good as the competition, though.
  17. Eh my Samsung Galaxy S5 does 4K. F*ck Red. And F*ck Hemi.
  18. One of my friends recently edited about 10 minutes of video I shot on my Panasonic GH1, a several year old camera that shoots 720p in AVCHD, which is a compressed format to begin with. The Air took over a half hour to encode the video. certainly no replacement for a desktop or desktop replacement style laptop if you wanna do a lot of that.
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    I've seriously been considering this over an up to date regular m43 camera since I already have a bunch of lenses and m43 adapters.
  20. I am in the market for a Canon 5D MK iii right now.
  21. no zoom
  22. if you need the waterproofness or want to strap it to your head/bike/car/dick
    otherwise shitty DR
  23. Yeah the pocket camera is pretty awesome. Pretty tempted to get one for travel. Don't really shoot a lot of video when I travel but it could be fun to do.

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