Who lives in the Seattle area?

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  1. What's some fun/unique things to do in the area? I bought a mountain bike so I do plan to do some mountain biking, and I'll try snowboarding when the season opens up again. Any other ideas?
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  7. I do. ESP does, too. So does Mc777. A few others as well, but few post any more.

    Are you looking for just outdoorsy-things? The mountain biking is great, though I don't know a ton about it, other than friends who do it say it rules. The skiiing/boarding is also good. Snoqualmie is super close, though I hear Baker is better.

    The road biking is pretty fantastic. A favorite ride of mine is biking north on the Burke-Gilman from Seattle around Kenmore and over to the Red Hook brewery, then turning east instead of west and biking up into the foothills there. Biking around lake Washington is also an excellent ride, though some of the street riding around the southwest part of the lake leaves something to be desired. There are tons of other great rides around the city and through the streets in the surrounding areas.

    The water everywhere also makes for a bunch of rad shit to do. I row, and the rowing here is great. If you don't already row, you can always take a learn to row class. For something that's easier to get into, canoeing/kayaking is also really big here. Agua Verde and the UW aquatic center rent both for your use. A bit farther afield, the salt water kayaking around the sound and the San Juans is some of the best in the world. Green Lake also rents boats, but that's a much smaller lake. People also swim in the lakes, and in summer they're like 70+ degrees. A friend of mine leads white water river rafting trips in the summer. There are some good rivers for that not far away in the Cascades. Might want to check that out.

    Alki beach in West Seattle has a nice boardwalk feel to it, and is great on a sunny day. Golden Gardens is also pretty nice, though it's a bit farther out. Matthews beach is my favorite freshwater beach.

    The SCUBA diving around the sound kicks ASS, though of course that requires experience/DOLLA DOLLA BILLZ, which is why I don't do it. Seriously, though. We have more marine biodiversity than Hawaii. We have the largest octopuses in the world, massive fiery-colored nudibranchs and anemonies, crazy molluscs of all sorts, eels, mammals, you name it. If you're very adventurous, you can dive into the cold recesses of Lake Washington, but I hear those dives be crazy. It's surprisingly cold given how warm the surface is, and visibility goes to SHIT. There are a ton of boats/planes (especially near the old NAS Sand Point) on the bottom, though.

    The hiking and camping around here is largely unrivaled in the US. The Cascades to the east present everything from easy single-day hikes for just about anyone, to mega-grueling multi-day jaunts from peak to peak. Both can offer staggering views and can take you through just about every biome we have. Paradise on Mount Rainer is cool, as is checking out Mount St. Helens. Mount Si is a rad hike that can be done in a day, but will still wreck your shit and give you a megasweet view from the top. Lake Kelcema is a lesser-known hike that I really like. If you can get a pass, the Enchantments near Leavenworth are KILLER for multi-day hiking. There's also good hiking on Tiger Mountain and around Snoqualmie falls. Too many to list, really. If you go west, the Olympics have a ton of great hikes. The pacific coast is also really rad for multi-day hikes that have less elevation gain/end on beaches/etc. Be prepared for wet weather if you go that way, though.

    There's also supposed to be pretty good rock climbing around here. I've only every done it inside at Vertical World and Stone Gardens (or even the REI's MASSIVE indoor wall), though.

    The Seattle Art Museum expanded a few years ago and is now pretty rad. Might be worth checking out if you like art. The sculpture park is kind of polarizing, and I haven't been to it yet, but it might be worth your time. The zoo is cool, and I'm fond of it. Our aquarium kicks all kinds of ass if you dig aquariums. It's not quite at the level of the Shed or the Monterrey Bay, but those are truly top-tier aquariums and we're not that far behind. I actually really like the museum of glass in Tacoma, mostly because you can watch artists work hot glass live there. The car museum and Washington State history museum nearby make it worth the trip.

    Ballard has a good bar scene, as does Capitol Hill. Fremont isn't bad (there are some excellent beer bars there), and Belltown has a lot of bars, though those two attract a lot of the fist-pumping BROSEPH crowd. Particularly the latter. Fremont also has the dog-friendly Norms and Fremont Brewing Urban Beer Garden, both of which are pretty cool. Fremont Brewing makes great beer. You can also see the troll while you're there, I suppose.

    The Pike Place Market is actually pretty cool. There are a lot of rad shops, and the seafood is actually good/cheap enough to attract locals. Pike Place also gets more visitors per year than Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Mount Rushmore COMBINED. So they gotta be doing something right.

    If you're here in the fall, see the Hawks dismantle someone. The Mariners look like they're going go suck less this year, and Safeco is a beautiful field with stunning views of downtown and the water. It also has a retractable roof, which is cool. If you're into soccer, I hear the crowd at the Sounders games is about as good as it gets in the US.

    There are tons of good walks/runs. Too many to list.

    You can pretty much do what you want with weed and no one cares, as long as you're not bothering anyone with the smoke itself. Posession of small amounts is not a crime here.

    The Space Needle is cool, but kind of expensive. See it once. Skip the restaurant, unless you're really into that kind of thing. Get great seafood pretty much anywhere. Use urbanspoon or yelp to guide your search. Also go to Dick's. Cash only, no substitutions. The most expensive item is $2.70, though.

    Take the ferry somewhere. Really anywhere. Check out the shops/farms wherever you end up. Or just bike or drive around. Maybe to Hurricane Ridge or something.

    The UW campus is super pretty. If you're here in late March/early April, be sure to see the cherry trees in bloom. Go on a week day if you can, as it gets crowded. The Suzzalo reading room also looks like some shit out of Harry Potter. If it's sunny, the views down Rainer Vista kick ass.

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  9. Thanks NB for the info I'll definitely have to check out some of that. I'll be here for the next two years so I should be able to experience alot. I also plan to visit Portland and Vancouver while i'm out here. I'm in the Everett area now but in January I'll be living in Bremerton.
  10. I live an hour south.

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