Who wants Mc77 gone?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. majority rules
  2. You guys sure whine a lot.

    I can't tell if you're more like a bunch of little girls or a handful of rich, spoiled brats.
  3. he's pretty much done the opposite of his purpose of being here, having driven away people from Christianity more than attract.
    EDIT: and im sure Jeezus wont be happy with that fact

    but meh, whatever he's ok, so stay.
  4. dont be so retarded. Why do you want him gone? so you can post porn?
  5. I dont mind him but what seriously pisses me of is that he's reporting way too much.
  6. ^
  7. Dan made it pretty clear that people either need to stop complaining about not having enough moderators, or they need to report more material for the current staff to moderate. I'm just doing my job.
  8. but its not your job.
  9. he reports porn. If you guys want porn why dont you get the hell off a car forum and go look at porn.
  10. another reason you'll never be a mod.
  11. people are complaining about there not being enough moderators?
  12. why is there a report button then?
  13. It's not your job, I really can't believe you feel responsible
  14. To be honest, I really don't care if I never become a mod. There are a handful of great mods on staff that do well enough, so there's really no point in adding someone else.
  15. Yeah, people have been complaining for years. They all claim that very few of the moderators actually come here anymore, so it's time to re-shuffle the deck.
  16. well clearly you'd be the worst possible choice. i mean we saw what happened when firered was one. you wouldnt be any different.
  17. he creates a bad impression in the name of christianity, making people look on it as sheer stupidity. plus, he imposes his beleifs on anothers
  18. I'm sorry, but I'm not the kind of person to stand on the sidelines and complain. If I want something to be done, I feel I have an obligation to do something about it. It only seems fair.
  19. I think he's probably one of the worst members. He just doesn't belong here.
  20. I hate it when people feel they have to interfere with everything they dont like, people should learn to mind their own business.
  21. bull shit
  22. Get him away for ever, we don't need people like him who dictate us about how we should live our lives, our religion and our sexuality. Screw him.
  23. Mac777 should be banned.
  24. Dictate is actually the right word, freedom is lost on here

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