Who wants Mc77 gone?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Are you an anarchist?
  2. seriously, you guys are retarded. Simmo makes a thread saying mc777 is a pretty good guy, and you go in there and say "yeah hes pretty cool guy actually" but then you come in here and say "ban ban ban!" "hes like the worst member ever"

    make up your minds, seriously.
  3. Yes, can't agree more.
  4. he is ok and shouldn't be banned but he should just mind his own business
  5. what if i dont want to find porn as i browse the forums? when i signed up they assured me that there wouldnt be porn.
  6. No, a country/state/community needs rules (not too much but rules ere definately needed)

    This is a damn internet forum which needs freedom of speech and freedom to post
  7. Have you forgotten about how he laughed on richard burns death or how he was happy to close a site because it has copyrighted pics when himself was having lot of illegal downloaded things? Double standards or let's be forgetful towards mac 777 according to simmo's theory? No. We have seen who mclaren777 was and is.
  8. would you be allowed to put porn in public in your ideal world/state/whatever? why/why not?
  9. You guys are free to post whatever you want, but don't complain if you don't like the consequences.
  10. Laughed on richard burns death?!

    And what proof do you have that my actions closed Rip Production?
  11. he didnt laugh you moron. He didnt have much respect for him as a person, and thus wasnt really affected by his death. He ceratinly didnt laugh at him though.

    so basically your only complaint regarding mc777 is the fact that he reported the site with the next door nikki pics right?
  12. Then it's not freedom
  13. Like I already mentioned you can't compare a world/state with an internet community
  14. why not?

    what are your reasons for not allowing it in the general public?
  15. Of course it's freedom. Your definition just seems to be a little off. You have the freedom to say/do whatever you want, and the authorities have the freedom to do their job.

    For instance, you're allowed to make jokes about bombs wherever the heck you'd like, but you have no right to complain if airport security locks you up for making comments like that in the terminal.
  16. Nope, never bothered me. Of course common sense tells me an internet forum will always have trolls. If someone is a troll, I just ignore them and move on to the next thread. Makes life alot easier.
  17. Look I dont want these forums to change into SuperPorn.net but some people on here are seriously overreacting when there is a pic that shows a little boob
  18. Lies see screenshots, you damn asshat. No, I am mainly complaining about how mac777 wants to impose his views of religion to everyone and also he finds anormal what the others find normal.
  19. one little pic every now and then eventually turns into whole threads about it. where do you draw the line if thats teh case? The mods need to have guidelines to stick to, and the best guideline and easiest to follow is to delete all porn.
  20. hes not imposing his views of religion, hes imposing the rules.
  21. Please tell me you aren't still using 800x600 resolution. This isn't 1992 anymore.
  22. it was Mc777 being completely disrespectful to Burns for not being a Christian, and basically turned a thread meant to mourn a guy's death into a flame war. He could have said "ok im sorry i screwed this thread, i'll keep my mouth shut about him", but NO, he had to keep posting bullshit!

    and the hypocrisy of it was that he was disrespectful to Burns cos he thought he was not a Christian, even though Jesus taught people to love unconditionally.

    what about the time when he made light out of the people killed in the madrid bombings? or when (once again) people died in the london bombings, a thread was designed to mourn them and he blatantly came in disrespectfully by clearly stating he couldnt care unless it affected the British GP. oh, have we let these things slip our mind as well?
  23. i dont know wtf is up with your eyesight/reading ability, but its shit.

    pic #1 - playing richard burns rally all night to honour richard as a driver.

    pic #2 - Mc777 (and many others) beleive that once you're dead, you're dead. Its not much use praying for someone who has had their chance at life, and their fate has been decided.

    pic #3 - stating communistas beleifs

    Seriously, grow the hell up and get some sense for once.
  24. Depends. Personally, if you post a boob in a thread, a *NWS* (not work safe) warning in the Subject line should be given. I've noticed this site seems to not give the heads up as much as others.
  25. Deleting porn ok, but banning members?

    and why does Luke have to report those threads, because God told him too?

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