Who wants Mc77 gone?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. This whole thing is pretty ridiculous. I personally don't have the slightest problem with the guy but at any rate is he really bad enough to warrant multiple threads.
  2. HAHA! Dude, get a grip.
  3. Technically, I'm not imposing anything--I'm only bringing it to the attention of the moderating staff. But the fact that my complaints often result in the material being moderated, kind of proves my point: certain stuff is not acceptable!
  4. that IS his views. he cares only about rules, he cares nothing for the SPIRIT of christianity.
  5. it was not being completely disrespectful. See my above post please.

    i dont remember the madrid bombings incident but i just remember people making a HUGE fuss about it. I reckon its probably on about the same level as the richard burns incident. Something pretty small gets blown completely out of proportion. People jump on mc777 because he didnt explain something properly, and the thread turns into a huge flamefest. it happens all the time.
  6. lol it wasnt mc777 that banned him. He reported the porn. That is all.
  7. Mentioning NWS in the title would revolve in it getting deleted immediately
  8. and the spirit of christianity is to not care about the rules and let stuff go past that is unacceptable?
  9. Did you even read the thread, because it doesn't sound like it. The point I was making in those screenshots had nothing to do with Richard--they were criticisms of Comunista's belief in purgatory.

    And I never intentionally made light of what happened in Madrid. To be honest, I'd never even heard of those attacks, and I only learned what actually happened last month during the anniversary.

    You really need to get your facts straight.
  10. Now you're just being very selfish
  11. No it wouldn't. And if it did, and still got deleted when it wasn't in clear violation of the rules, there are mods that would undelete it.
  12. allowing people to express what they feel, when it doesnt harm others?
  13. wtf seriously, shut up. You have no idea what the hell you're talking about.
  14. The moderating staff doesn't need to spend their time on here deleting porn. It'd be much better if they got the point across that it's not permissible. That way you guys will stop breaking the rules for fear of banning.
  15. stop lying. you hardly stopped at criticizing my sound belief in purgatory. you disrespected his death like crazy.
  16. half of the people on this board are #%$s, maybe thats what the problem is.
  17. Someone post pr0n, quickly.
  18. Seeing as this place is 13+, I should probably ask you to change your avatar.
  19. that certainly isnt the spirit of christianity.

    There are rules, and rules must be followed. I for one am glad mc777 reports those kinds of threads. I know there are a few others that are glad he does it as well. There are reasons for these types of rules.
  20. He forces his personal perfect view on other people, sounds pretty selfish to me
  21. of course it's not the spirit of christianity. of course people shouldnt be able to express what they feel, even when it harms no one.
  23. Exactly. This site might as well let everyone post nudity, since they don't enforce crap anyways, and when they do it's a slap on the wrist. LOL...It would be alot easier to just let everyone post whatever so they can give a NWS. Makes more sense to me that way.
  24. Majority rules? IT'S 50/50!! OH NO!!

    I voted "let him stay" or whatever the hell the option is.
  25. it certainly does harm people. this is a 13+ site, and i know a hell of a lot of parents who would immediately stop letting their 13y/o kid on this site if they knew that porn was being posted.

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