Who wants Mc77 gone?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. but he only does it because it is his personal view. abuse for example is something that he seems to care little about, and has rarely reported it.
  2. im sure he has reported abuse before. In fact i know he has in some cases.
  3. Verbal abuse? Would that include the thread from two months ago where one of the Muslim members on here (ufo) was being flamed with REALLY inappropriate comments (like "don't you have someone you should be car-bombing" and things of that nature)? Because I reported that thread instantly.
  4. yet you conveniently never reported his anti-semitism in that thread, nor any other time he did it in the past.

    way to prove his point. you're not looking out for anyone but yourself, as usual.
  5. Seriously a lot of other stuff gets posted on here that might harm/scare children children that isn't porn. You can't moderate all that.
  6. yeah and...?

    the point is, the porn rule was put there for a reason, and because it was put there for a reason, it will be enforced.
  7. it doesnt harm people (unless you're a raging pansy). you choose if you want to see it, because most threads in the past which have contained porn have been clearly marked babes threads. a 13y/o might see some porn. big deal? i saw porn when i was 13. never harmed me.
  8. So because he was being anti-semetic in the past, that gives you the right to flame him?
  9. What it all comes down to is that Mac777 is not a mod and if the Mods didn't regard the stuff he reports to be offensive they'd take no action. So really he isn't doing anything wrong
  10. Well said!
  11. and what about the 57 threads in between now and then where P996T or Panditha got flamed to shit?
  12. he may act like an idiot, but everyone else here does too.
  13. banning is a little harsh.
    but he really needs to be taught to respect other people.
  14. i could argue differently but thats a whole new (big) topic.

    I dunno about laws and stuff, but i think if you're gonna have porn you need to make the site 18+ or something.
  15. Now you're measuring with double standards, I'm sure your avatar might scare children visiting this site too so should I report it, I dont think so
  16. Bceuase being racist against a religion or race is ok for you? You are utterly retarded.
  17. You dont have to take everything serious on here
  18. To be honest, I almost never go into those threads. I didn't even know that Panditha was ETF until last week.
  19. haha, way to dodge the accusation.

    ill slam him as he brings on himself for being anti-semetic. clearly you have a problem with me not approving of anti-semitism. maybe you should examine yourself instead.
  20. go on, report it. I'd be quite happy to change it if im asked to.
  21. There are enough members who are "regulars" that are on this site 24/7 that could be mods to keep this place clean. There are plenty of sites with mods that are prompt in deleting threads. This site is big enough to easily do the same. But then again, most of this sites members are the 16-23 y/o crowd, which is why you get more porn type threads.
  22. Why are you here?
  23. And you don't have to criticize me for taking things seriously.
  24. your argument would be opinionated bullshit.
  25. maybe it would, maybe it wouldnt. Thats not the issue here though.

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