Who would win in a 1/4 mile????

Discussion in '1994 Ford Mustang GT' started by cscc27, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Re: Who would win in a 1/4 mile????

    The GTI would walk on your mustang. Here are the stats:



    Okay, the GTI is front wheel drive; Disadvantage, right? Wrong.. With both cars having so little power, the launch is not going to be a big deal. In drag racing, the only disadvantage fwd gives is the launch. The Mustang would beat the GTI off the line, since it's rwd and has more power, but FWD gives more power to the wheel. Although it's 215 vs. 173, to the wheel it's more like 170 vs. 148, in which the Mustang being 550lb more will just not be able to compete in acceleration. The mustang would win off the line, but the GTI will have him by around 40-55mph.

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    L82Vette - "Vettedude, shutup. i own a vette, but i like the mustang too, as far as i am conserned we are on the same team. its those R!cers that i hate"

    Come on now L82Vette, we know you don't own a Corvette. From the post you unfortunately placed in the forum, it's obvious you're 11 and still consider your '58 Hotwheels Vette an actual car. I thought we as a society transcended the "foreign vs. domestic" war 10 years ago.

    So, what's my opinion on the Mustangs? Well, I do have something positive about them: For being such a slow, crappy car, they are incredibly popular.

    240SXer, I do think the Mustang would beat the GTI, but it would be a close race. You could be right though.
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    Im gonna say the gti will win
    my friend has a 5.0 of that year of mustang and it isnt that great.

    I personally dont like mustangs not for the car itself but for the cocky ass drivers behind the wheel...
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    if the car is a 1.8T is has 150hp, if it hass a VR6 is has 176hp, the car is fast for having that little power, and not to bash, but the mustang dose one shity job of getting the power to the ground, so stock Vs. stock, he will take you.
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    Your GT will win Trust me. My friend is a Dub Head and he has one. I have a 95 GT converteble. I won(barely). Both were stock. We ran 8 times. And for any one who wants to argue about driving style or car conditions, my car had 85000 mi and his had 30000. I have 3 stangs and he has 2 golfs(gti)1 is a newer VR6,other is a MK2 GTI with a VR6 swap(which will beat my mustang), and a G60 Corrado. We know how to drive... So thats that. But stay away from the 1.8 T...If your stock!

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