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Discussion in '2005 Mosler MT900 S' started by carknowledge, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. who could have imagined that such a great car could derive from a vette?
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    Only the Corvette engine really, the production cars share fewer Corvette components than the original prototype.
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    not necassarily, the trim around the wheels resembles that of the old callaway corvettes, best explained as the shape of half of an oval. the rear also resembles vettes with its squareness and flatnees. and to further help YOUR point, wut good is a car without an engine??? i'm a corvette admiring, and i'm proud that an amazing car like this comes with just a few modifications of a low class super car/high class sports car
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    The production rear facia isn't as flat as the one on this silver prototype. If you check the MotorTrend test, with the red MT900S, you can see the new facia.

    It definatly takes styling cues from the Corvette, thats for sure, but underneath, its alot more Mosler, than it is Chevy.

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