Whoz Faster Vette or TTZ

Discussion in '1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo' started by Harada, Dec 19, 2002.

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    So you are a 14 year old? Well than that sums up most of your rantings. Driven both a 300zxTT(daily) and a WS6 I can catagorically say that the Nissan is better hands down. Not only faster (from what I could tell) but the ride qualities were night and day. BTW: how many turbo T/A's were made? about 1500. So what are the chances of coming across one? slim.

    You own nothing <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    My statement still stands, and now I will own you X2 <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Lets take apart your debate piece by piece to state why you have been owned (Because its obvious you cannot debate very well)

    First you challenge my statement,
    "Check the times liek I did. The 89 T/A does 0-60 in 6.2 which is about as fast as an older (1990's) mustang GT."
    This is your first logical fallacy, known as Burden of Proof. Basically meaning, you should be the one showing the proof that my statement is incorrect, instead of shifting the burden to me.

    I played your game and supplied you with times, alot of reputable magazines, giving you both the high end and low end of the car in question.

    The next statement was actually decent, by taking the low end figures given. (not honest but hey, who cares.)
    "Like I said. 6.5"
    I then supplied from the same publication, pointing out that the 0-60 times are the same.

    Your next statement I already pointed out the logical fallacy there, I will go over it again so you can follow.
    "Nope, according to me the 300zxTT does 0-60 in 5 flat and the quarter in 13.5. I don't get my specs from a magazine, I get mine from a track in my own car. Until you can say that you have taken a 89T/A to the track and pulled a sub 14 second quarter your comments are not valid."
    This is a tautology, which is technically true, but it is an empty statement. Another example would be "It may rain tomorrow, or it may not." Yes that is true, but it does not proove anything either way.

    Your next statement is still worthless, heres why,
    "I don't expect you to believe anything I say. Nor do I care one bit. Do I care what people on this stie think I own or don't own? Not at all. Most of the people on this site (you included) are 14 and unders who think civics with stickers are really "neat" Most of whom have never driven any real performance car. I know that a TT 300zx is faster than a 1989 T/A and that is good enough for me. I dare you to go onto TT.net and state that a 1989 T/A can smoke a TT. If you choose to you will see the results and know that I was right all along."
    This sounds to me like a Strawman. A straw man is trying to weaken my arguement by claiming that I am 14, and that I think stickers are "neat", instead of actually coming back with a logical arguement.

    Your last statement,
    "So you are a 14 year old? Well than that sums up most of your rantings. Driven both a 300zxTT(daily) and a WS6 I can catagorically say that the Nissan is better hands down. Not only faster (from what I could tell) but the ride qualities were night and day. BTW: how many turbo T/A's were made? about 1500. So what are the chances of coming across one? slim."
    This is a good example of a red herring, another logic fallacy. A red herring is something that simple does not matter to the discussed topic, while trying to change the topic. The better ride quality has nothing to do with my original statement, or does your opinion. Neither does the amount of cars made.

    So in short you were owned because you could not rebut my original statement. Dang, soon I am going to own your first born and your mother if you keep this up.

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    You expect me to read all that jibberish? You wish LOL

    SuperlativeOne is done debating with you. He prefers a more intelligent crowd.
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    Bottomline is the Turbo T/A pales in comparison with The TT-Z,Hell it pales in comaprison(build quality)even with the older Z31(300Zx turbo 87-89 yrs)So just shut up about your stupid TransAm nobody cares,lol.The 300Zx was the fastest car under $100,000 when it launched in 1990,it was CarAndDriver's best car of the year,many years in a row,and remained in the top ten until Nissan canceled it(here in the states)because of stupid Idiots that bought SUv's instead.
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    Wow syclone... that's very intersting, all that crap you said about the Corvette and all. Just for the record, I own a 300ZX T.T., know what they are like, and know how fun they are. Just the same, I like the Corvette just as much as I like my car. But they way you tore ass on my precious 300ZX angers me. It's a simple $1500-$2000 dollars that makes the 300ZX an amazing car. Two Jim Wolf Technology sport 600 turbos, or even sport 650 turbos have 600hp to 650hp potential. With that in mind, and either of those turbos equipped, a few more engine mods and you have one of the funnest, affordable cars in the world. Sure you've been in a 300ZX, or drivin' one, but I don't know about one of these, maybe those little stock turbos, but not this car my friend. I own it, I have yet to race a Corvette and am looking forward to it, hell, I think I would have a blast racing you and your "pride and joy".
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    A 1990-1996 vette has at most 330hp, 400hp is only the LS6 powered current model. To be fair you should compare to the vette available at the time. Its generally accepted that the ZX was a superior car
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    Not only is this guy correct, but if you read my articles I posted publication to support the statements. Publication that Jadotch demanded to see to support the argument. The fact that Jadotch argued with a blu blooded Z fan, just made for a lot of post on my thread (thanks but what did you win).

    The Z was pitted against cars in its class that may have boasted seniority like the "king of the road" corvette. Now the professional test were done I wanted to see how many owners on either side would agree or disagree. SuperlativeOne states none that have come compare Syclone92 would be just the opposite and he states a good case, but the issue with him is that he has the exception of friends with discounts. I'm glad to say even without the discount the Z is cheaper to mod and you will get much more power. American SHIT cars are cheaper to repair but then so is a kia NOT the vette, viper, or any other high performance or lux vehicle. Thanks Superlativeone for being a true enthusiast.
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    Haha...you get owned, and then to top it off you're dumb enough to call it jibberish...hahaha...are you 12...?
    Somebody destroys you all around, and you prefer a more intelligent crowd, what you want to get your ass handed to you worse?
    Next time he'll own your entire family...hahaha...that was just to funny.
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    alright then...the discounts wit friends is legit...i found them for cheaper that is the point...the main point is the vette is lighter than the 300zx tt period...so wit less power in the vette it can still beat it...tru car enthusiast...atleast i am not a 15 year old on this site that read one car mag and thinks they know everything...a tru car enthusiast knows his car inside and out...i guarentee that a lot of people on this site wouldn't know anything about doin an engine overhaul...or transmission rebuild...or replacein the differential..then they should have no room to talk about what cars potential is or isn't...cause they didn't build it...and probably have no clue what all the car has in it
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    Being an enthusiast is what seperates the Men from the boys. Not to mention it seperates the people like me from the people like americam Hp and syclone. I have no interest in any car unless it is some sort of Z car. Weather it be mine, a 240/280/260 the Z31 or the 350Z. The people who don't know have never driven one, plain and simple. I know it's superior to 99% of american cars, but that's not why I bought it. I can smoke people like american HP in their mustang's without even tring, but that's not why I bought it. I bought it because of the moments when I am by myself, on a nice summer day with an open roof, carving a canyon while listening to a 6 cylinder,2 turbo, 2 BOV, symphoney in one of the finest cars to drive on american soil. That is something you cannot get from too many cars, none of which are american.
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    truthfully, if the best stick shifters in the workld were racing a corvette probulary would take it.
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    Ummm...thats nice and all, but don't you get it that maybe thats why alot of people buy a car, because they have a certian love for it? I love crusing around in my stang, taking the twisties and listening to the greastest sound on earth, the v-8 exhaust note. Sure you can have your whinny, screeching v-6 with bov's, but I'll take my v-8 rumbling over it anyday of the week (but thats all opinion really).
    Next though is not opinion, you know it's superior to %99 of American cars huh...hahaha...thats funny. For being an overpriced sports car it better be superior to a larger number of cars, but saying it's better then %99 of them is rather stupid (then again it is you I'm talking about).
    Next time your in PA drop me a line, we'll see if you can smoke me (lol)...only in this race you won't have the benefit of being a mile above sea level kid.
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    Taking the twisties in a mustang sounds dangerous. That is unless you like body roll and squealing tires from having an inferior suspension. I would not consider a $12-15K sports car overpriced when you most likely paid over $24K for yours, which is a second slower through the quarter and 0-60. Yep that's right, C&D tested a 2001 GT at 14.7 and 6.0 where as the 300zx did 13.5 and 5 flat.

    As for a race. It would be a huge waste of gas on my part. A near 400RWHP Z up against a mustang? Do you like to lose?

    I like it how all the domestic owners have to make excuses for losing, I hear "were at high altitude, lets take these down to sea level and race" a lot. Only pathetic losers make excuses. race what ya brung.
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    "Taking the twisties in a mustang sounds dangerous. That is unless you like body roll and squealing tires from having an inferior suspension."
    LOL...you really need to go see a mustang race moron. I'll include a picture of a mustang racing to prove this statment wrong. And if you notice it's not even a newer style mustang in that picture...lol.

    New...yes they were overpriced. Used, well used I can get a low mileage 2000 mustang gt for around $16,000, used cars mean nothing kid. Why don't you qoute the price of that thing new...Remember, anybody can get a cheap used car if they look, not just you moron.

    Hey you say you race mustangs all the time, why would mine be a huge waste of gas...oh because you don't really own a car and having somebody call you out scares you, I see.

    And the only person making excuses is you, in another thread you told us you would never race unless it was in your nice high alltitude...why...because you would lose otherwise (even though you'd be still losing to the cobra, and anyother mustang that is supercharged or turbo charged). Why are you so afraid to race somebody at sea level kid...?

    *Edit* For what ever reason Supercars.Net won't let me post any pictures roght now, so later when it's not acting up I will post the mustang/300zx picture.
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    Sow me the post where I said I "would never race unless it was at altitude" If you cannot that statement is void. I race mustang's, just not V6's and not every one I come across. If it sounds like a beefed up GT or a cobra I race.

    I would never drive to sea level to race somebody.

    You cannot buy a 300zx brand new. So that statement is void as well.

    Why all the excuses about altitude? I never make excuses, not my style. I'll leave that to the domestic guys who get stomed by hondas and DSM's.
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    please a vette would burn this car stock and if you modified both cars the vette would still win...the vette is lighter and is more powerfull...hmm...a light v8 against a heavy v6...tought one!

    omg i can't believe i'm routing for an american car...rx7 tt would burn both! rx7 will burn a skyline too to you gt-r lovers! I have to say RX7 TT is the fastest japanese car ever
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    You my friend LOOK and SOUND like a moron.
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    For once I am going to agree with you 100%.
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    This guy obviously steped out in front of what he though was a RX7 and when he woke in ICU with Drain Bammage he figure he would post on this forum. Stop smoking the crack, you are living proof that the first time kills brain cells. Go back to the front of this thread and actualy read how that heavy V6 beat the lighter V8 then go to bed cause you need the rest.
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    BRAVO, two thumbs up!
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    My 300 will run your vette into the ground. 0-60 in 3.8, quarter mile in sub 8. 782hp. What can i say? Do you like the taste of dust?
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    You are full of shit. thanks for playing. You fail life <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    To correct a few issues with this forum:
    First, AntiDomestic was incorrect in saying that the 300ZX was the fastest under $100K in 1990. Obviously he has never heard of the ZR1 Corvette, which cost $60K and could hit 185 and run at that speed all day (literally) thanks to the beauty of its all aluminum LT5 engine.
    Second, the reason Nissan developed the Z car in the first place was to compete with the Corvette in the 2 door sports car niche. The same goes for the Porsche 944. In fact, Nissan engineers even used pictures of the Vette as their screensavers for their CAD computers. Unfortunately for both manufacturers, Corvette took 18 out of 19 races in the 1986 season of SCCA Showroom Stock racing (and was subsequently banned by request of Porsche and Nissan to give them a chance to catch up).
    This is not to say the 300Z is a bad car. In fact, I find it to be one of the very few Japanese cars that actually looks decent. The others are too concerned with how many scoops they can stack onto the front fascia or how big of a spoiler can be thrown on the decklid (and stock the cars are just dull). In a race, the 300ZX would most likely lose to the Vette (same year, 1996: try the LT4 Corvette). It would, however, be a close match. I might even go so far as to say that it would come down to the driver, but I like the Vette too much.
    Lastly, Mustangs are at a disadvantage in the turns, and it has very little to do with body roll. The larger issue is the Stang's straight axle rear suspension. Going through a turn, weight is transferred to the outside wheel and the body rolls to that side. Unfortunately, this causes the inside wheel to start lifting off of the road surface, decreasing the amount of traction available from it. This means more weight is on the outside tire, and if you hit that turn a shade too fast, you put more force on the tire than the traction it can provide, causing you to spin out.
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    You children are funny people you know that? First of all, I own a 500 rwhp 300zxtt. I'll be honest, the vette can get me from a standstill, but once I can get traction and really get moving, I'll pass him in a blink, and highway starts are no problem. But that's because I've never raced another 500 rwhp vette! Get it? As for the Syclone, Typhoon and Trans Am with the single turbo v6...they were not 280 and 250 hp respectively, they were all the same 3.8 turbo from the buick regal grand national! They all had the same horsepower too, but they were all understated officially. You can determine horsepower by gear ratio, weight and drag coefficient. Using the figures for these cars and that engine, Car and Driver quoted this engine putting out approximately 345 horsepower. Team that with really low gear ratios and the four wheel drive system of the GMC's and you've got 4.3 zero to sixty mph times for the Syclone. 4.6 in the rain...real quote. Instead, let's talk about the cars themselves. So many more things matter than the acceleration. It's why slower cars are often picked as the winner of comparo contests. The ultimate fun cars are all about BALANCE! What makes a car a satisfying car to drive? Every person will answer the question differently. Most likely, people who love American Muscle Cars will say acceleration. People who love imports will say styling, handling. It's silly to whip out the hp numbers because I know of several people that push 740 dyno tested RWHP from their 300zx TTs, and Lingenfelter squeezes that out of vettes all day. Who gives a shit? I know I don't. I've owned a Z28, TT Supra, GTI, 300zxTT, two Maximas and a Pathfinder. All were satisfying in a way. The only qualms I have with Domestic cars is that they're FEEL is low quality. Every foreign car I've owned has never squeaked or rattled, but every American I've owned squeaked, rattled, twisted and shook the second I drove it off the lot. The perception and appearance of quality construction and engineering techniques tend to feel of a higher level in foreign autos. The rest of the world will tell you they agree also as we witness the slow demise of the big three. Maybe Chrysler has a chance because it's now Daimler Chrysler. The guy up there that sings the high praises of the Dodge Stealth really doesn't know that his car was engineered by Mitsubishi does he? Do Laser owners know it's really an Eclipse? American auto manufacturers now rely on the F150 and C1500 as their two top selling automobiles. Trucks are america's top selling autos! Imports continue to gain market share. American cars are not competitive when it comes to perceived quality. The grade of interior materials feels more expensive in imports. The doors shut with a single bank vault tight thud in imports. American doors rattle and resonate for a few seconds when you close them. There's something wrong with this and it's got me really angry because I love America and I believe that we are smarter, better engineers than anybody else, but our products don't prove it. Truth be told, the Corvette is america's plastic fantastic sports car. It doesn't seem to be constructed of high quality materials and you would think that after all these years that the seats might be better, but the car flies on the drag strip and road course and there's nothing else that can beat it stock for stock for the same price. In fact, Car and Driver just had an article titled Fourgasm comparing very highly tuned and modified four cylinder cars, some with as much as 100,000 in modifications in a batter of tests that examined every aspect of performance from skid pad, to drag strip, to road course, to braking and their number one pick still couldn't beat a stock z06! These were cars that were factory modified and sponsored by the manufacturers of performance parts such as Mugen, HKS, Greddy, Stillen, etc. Well, I hope I've shed some light on the subject for you.
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    i know this is no0b shit but o well.. im lo0king to buy a car and im interseted in a zx... the Z im interested in lo0ks fairly new... like 95-96... how would i know if its twin turbo... is there any special marks on the hood or from bumper... i cant pop the hood because i have no key.. ( i havent bought it yet) .... if anyone could tell me that would b great.. THANKS...(it has a T-Top .. but then again all Z's i see have T-tops).. --aol-- LmourEtLaLiberte

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