Whoz Faster Vette or TTZ

Discussion in '1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo' started by Harada, Dec 19, 2002.

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    If you live in the US turbos only come in 2 seaters. There will be intercooler vents on the bottom of each side of the front facia. tires are 245 in the back and 225 up front. boost gauge under the tach or speedo (can't remember because I never use it, but I believe it's the tach) and it's very rare to see a NA with a spoiler and ALL TT's have them and I believe that's the only way to tell
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    :S You make me mildly ill.
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    everyone is going nuts. stock per stock 1991 300zxtt vs. 1991 vette. the 300 is slower on take off only because of excess wheel spin but once the car gets traction. it would spank the vette. Im sorry big displacement engines are good for butt loads of low-end power and torque but they have very little top-end. This is where high reving and turbo charged engines come out on top. Thats also why you have to rev your engine before take off, to build boost.
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    Um syclones and Typhoons had 4.3 liter v6s while Gns had 3.8 liter v6s...ALL turbo! but the GMC cars were 4.3 liters, just verifying that!..Plus I will have to totally disagree with american cars feeling low quality and japs feeling better..UMMM usually everytime I have driven a japanses car It felt low quality and American cars have felt High Quality! Corvettes dont feel cheap and BTW its not plastic, its Fiberglass! Plus My Buick is very Luxurious!
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    Um the interior of the corvetts is made of plastic and feels cheap. Learn how to read jackass. Are you even old enough to drive?
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    Im faster than a vette I dont have a Z but I got a Diablo VT! will that work?!
  7. Let me share with you a personal experience:

    Background - I have a '90 300zxTT, manual transmission, highly modified for the performance driving experience. It looks stock except for the carbon touches and the wing. I am not a professional racer.

    So, I am coming out of the hospital from an appt., and have a full cup of coffee in my hand. As I am walking to my car, I spot the Drift.com C5 vette lurking in the parking lot. I take notice, smile to myself as I am a car enthusiast, and continue on my way. As I am pulling out of my parking spot to leave, I again notice the bright yellow vette hurriedly making it's way over to where I am at. I begin to leave, and this jackass revs right up onto my ass...too close. We snake our way out of the hospital, and up to the light to exit. There is 2 right turn lanes, and he pulls up beside me. I take a huge sip of the coffee still in my left hand, and prepare myself for what is obviously to come.

    Yeah, it's early in the morning, and I am supposed to be heading back to work, but this dickhead made it known what his intentions were. I ease out of the hospital exit, keeping my car in 1st gear and feathering the clutch so I don't rev too high, and my exhaust doesn't yet scream. Sure enough, he jets out as well, and matches my speed, his dumbass passenger looking at me and smiling smirkingly. I tap the gas and feather the clutch to jump just a bit, my coffee spilling on my pants, but #$%# it...

    Sure enough, this guy is out to race, and there is no traffic on our side of the road...the straight section of the road runs about 1000ft. and then an east S-curve. This bright yellow, decaled, 20" rim C5 vette in mint condition drops the hammer, and I can hear his exhaust announce this. My coffee in my left hand, I controlling my steering wheel and shifter with my right, I drop the clutch, rev to 8k, and start shifting with fury. Both our tires are smoking the road, but I gain the most traction, and pull ahead, with the C5 not too far behind. His face is in my rear view, just to the left.

    We both shift to 3rd. All of a sudden, I see this car drift further back. I'm not letting off, even though I could feel my rear end break loose and slide on that last shift. No way is this guy getting me, coffee in hand, in uniform, 8:30 in the morning, whatever. We are hitting the S-curve hard, and then it happens.....This jackass's rear end broke loose on the last shift too, but he tried to overcorrect on the steering. He is losing control...HOLY SHIT!! My heart is racing now, I see him start to weave hard. Damn. This #$%#er does a 360 on our side of the road, keeps his foot on the gas, JUMPS the median, completely #$%#ing up his suspension, drifts into oncoming traffic, and ends up in the worst position possible....FACING THEM!

    By some miracle, the guy gets his car to the other shoulder, and I am outta there.

    300zxTT: 1
    Drift.com Vette: 0

    -John V
  8. lol.Look whos talking about spelling right."liek".Look man the 300zx will never be better than a corvette.No matter how much research you do, a 300zx will never be even close to beating a corvette. the corvette is the best american car you can buy for the money its worth.so unless they make a v8 300zx, the corvette will always beat the 300zx.

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