why all the hate for vw?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ronin, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. I can't imagine how come I forgot that one! That lil' brick rox!
  2. It's #$%#ing awesome.
  3. no shit?

    they kinda serve 2 different purposes...the EVO is pretty much an all-out point-to-point car, with little compromise (bugger all interior etc), whereas the golf is a softer car...kinda more of a cruiser...but it's still pretty quick.
  4. Whine? Hardly

    Whining is what you did after I shut your bogus arguments down with FACTS.
  5. Because their owners are the most arrogant and ignorance of all sport compact ricers. They act like they are the only ones that “get it” but the reality is they don’t.

    VW isn’t tops in anything. Least of all quality. In the 80s VW built some good cars but starting in the mid 90s it was all down hill for them.

    Fastest in their class? Hardly. While they tend to have the quickest 0-60s they give it up beyond that. And they are far to softly spung and get trashed on around a race track.

    In short they act like, well, YOU.
  6. ok, so far no one has given me a single reason. and if you think that vw's dont have the best interiors for their price range and competition you're just extremley biased, because they do. out of all the eclipse's, celicas's, wrx,s everything i've been in that can compare to a gti the gti has topped egronomically and lookswise, and mine was a 99. and vw does have more standard features than scion i'm almost positive.
  7. VW also has more standard problems too.
  8. so that's why so many people hate vw's because they cant bear the fact that all the vw drivers have to go back for window regulators, and maf sensors??? there is no reason for all this hate for vw or any car manufacturer, that is my point but i guess no one is really intelligent enough to figure that out....
  9. Old school VWs kick ass....Corrado VR6, Golf 2 I'd love to ow as a project car. The R32 is aice car too but I'd much rather have a Clio V6
  10. The R32 damn sure isnt' the fastest in it's class.

    But Ronin says it has the nicest steering wheel. oohhhhhh the nicest steering wheel. I'm sure that'll make you feel better after getting your ass handed to you by the EVO/STi or when you are hitch hiking after the raging peice of crap breaks down on you.
  11. i never said that it has the nicest steering wheel, i would never bring up the steering wheel in a conversation about performance, but now that YOU mention it. yes the steerign wheel is by far the nicest.


    you quote someone else and say that i said it. i did not say that vw is allways faster, what i did say was that if it's not faster, it has the better interior, or better braking, or more features, and that it's an allround better package. and highway acceleration c&d said was much better on the r32 because of lack of turbo lag.
  12. Wtf is going on in that head of yours, if anything.
  13. People wouldnt hate it if there was not reason to.
  14. that's because you drive lambo's and ferrari's <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  15. It's funny how Car & Driver and a bunch of other magzines have tons of positive comments for the "pos" R32.
  16. yes, and it's also funny how it was rated #7 in fun cars to drive, eventhough there were porsche's, aston's, and ferrari's in the comparo. but yet it still must be a pos... jsut like ferrari because they are expensive to maintain
  17. I would'nt say that VW is bad but I think they could do better on there designs on the jetta and the passat. To me the cars look the same. I also think that they should start making more fast cars than luxsury cars, thats my opinion.
  18. I don't hate VW but for less money I can get get better, more equipped and more reliable cars from Japan.
  19. McLaren f1 = the answer
  20. I had to live with an '04 Jetta for like 2 weeks, the only reason I drove it was because it wasn't my '88 Volvo, and I would never own one.
  21. Great transportation from A to B.
    That's all.
  22. I love my GTI, and my mom loves her Jetta. She has had almost 0 problems, and honestly does not treat the poor thing very well. It has held up fantastically and still drives like a sporty luxury car.

    The whole problem people have with VWs is that for the most part they just don't get it. They aren't trying to be the quickest, most hardcore sports cars out there. They aren't even really trying to be a Mercedes or BMW. They are a great mix of the 2. I own an SVT Focus and a 2000 GTI VR6. I love the SVT for it's speed and handling. But I often trade with my wife and drive the GTI because it is much more luxurious, has a more relaxed character, but can still be fun to drive especially with all of that torque. Not to mention that it retains value like crazy and the 1 problem I had was fixed for free by the dealer, a faulty clip in the window mechanism. I would own VWs my whole life and not be the least bit sorry.

    Civics and many other like cars, even if they are faster or somehow a bit more reliable, still feel like cheap little tin cans next to the GTI.
  23. I've had experience with Brazilian VWs and they were as strong as a tank....
  24. i might be mistaken but cant your gti tear apart the svt in a straight line?
  25. Yeah, there's no doubt that it would. The torque is great.
    Throw a few curves in the mix, though, and it's a different story. I bought the SVT for AutoX, where it shines. It's hyper-alert and a little edgy compared to the GTI. I like having 2 fun cars with such different characters.


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